My Unorthodox Life: Batsheva’s 10 Most Beautiful Looks


Batsheva Weinstein is one of Netflix’s hottest actors My unorthodox life. Throughout the series’ nine episodes, Batsheva showcased a range of looks that are consistently better than the following. Her fashion sense is so electric that she is an official social media influencer and has over a million followers on TikTok.

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On the reality show, Batsheva introduced viewers to her both religious and modern world as she and her husband Ben tried to strike a delicate balance between the two. All the while, Batsheva showed off her fierce look which included a lot of ’90s nostalgia, matching skirt sets, and perfectly coordinated accessories.

ten Episode 1: Introducing Batsheva in Pink

Batsheva speaking in a pink robe at a confessional on My Unorthodox Life

In the first episode of My unorthodox life, Batsheva presented herself in her confessional. For the big moment, she wore a rosy pink dress with a square neckline and puffed sleeves. Her touch of blush makeup tied the look with loose waves. Due to Batsheva and her family’s incredible sense of style, this series is perfect for fashionistas.

In the scene, Batsheva explained his complicated relationship with his mother, Julia, and how the couple fell out after Batsheva married Ben at 19. Two days after the wedding, Julia withdrew from religion and abruptly left their strict ultra-Orthodox. community. Because of this, Batsheva felt abandoned, but the two are now on better terms.

9 Episode 1: One Word – Jeans

A split image of Batsheva coming home in jeans and a plaid shirt on My Unorthodox Life

In the first episode, the close-knit family spoke about their religion and the strict rules they had to follow. However, fans have learned that the family has been trying to strike a balance between the world they grew up in and the modern world of New York City. Part of the rules Batsheva (and any woman) had to follow was that she couldn’t wear jeans.

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Her husband Ben was still struggling with their new modern life and he was uncomfortable with Batsheva wearing jeans. She, however, wanted him to get used to it, so she wore this look around the house to make him feel more comfortable. Batsheva tied the jeans with an off-the-shoulder plaid top, bringing a touch of sophistication to the look.

8 Episode 2: Skipped Sleeves for Lunch

A split image of Batsheva in a black shirt and jeans, making lunch on My Unorthodox Life

My unorthodox life isn’t all about fashion, but it might as well be. With Julia Haart at the helm of Elite World Group (a fashion talent agency) and the whole family interested in fashion, this is one of the best fashion-based reality TV shows.

In the second episode, Batsheva invited his brother Shlomo to lunch. When preparing the meal, she wore jeans, a black square neck top and gold accessories. Batsheva always strikes a balance between casual and classy with her look and she brings it out of the park.

7 Episode 3: Blue on Blue for Game Night

Batsheva comes home in a blue on blue outfit on My Unorthodox Life

This Chanel-inspired look would have made Coco Chanel proud. In Episode 3, Batsheva wore a matching skirt and jacket set. The white shirt under the jacket broke up the outfit and brought out the blue textures. And while My unorthodox life Centers around family, business, and religion, Batsheva and the actors are incredibly stylish.

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In the scene, Batsheva wore this look to her mother’s penthouse for a game night with her siblings, Miriam and Shlomo. The three sat and played while talking about their mother’s upcoming memories, which they all worried about due to their mother’s lack of filter.

6 Episode 5: Trendy Late

A split image of Batsheva showing up for lunch in a floral dress on My Unorthodox Life

In the fifth episode, it became apparent that Batsheva’s husband Ben was tired of Batsheva’s dedication to social media as it took away the fun of their outings. In this scene, she was late for lunch, which he supposed was due to the fact that she had changed her outfit too often.

Nonetheless, Batsheva looked stunning in this spring-themed summer dress. She also had the perfect hairstyle and sunglasses to go with her look. In fact, her outfits look like another character from a Netflix series, Emily from Emilie in Paris.

5 Episode 5: Dressed in Black for Robert’s “Funeral”

A shared image of Batsheva and Ben during a funeral on a boat in My Unorthodox Life

Batsheva was not the only fashionista in the group. Julia Haart’s COO of Elite Wrld Group and best friend Robert Brotherton had some amazing looks in the Netflix series. Although Robert is fabulous in every way, Julia felt he was too insecure to go out and hang out with him. So, she arranged a funeral for Robert’s insecurities where Batsheva and his guests dressed in black.

Wearing a black mini dress under a sheer black lace polka dot dress, Batsheva looked amazing. It was such a unique look that almost rivaled Robert’s cape.

4 Episode 5: 90s Chic!

Three images of Batsheva wearing 90s clothes from My Unorthodox Life

Sometimes Batsheva’s looks can make viewers nostalgic for ’90s fashion. In the fifth episode, share Nike snap pants with a witty cropped top and neon white heels. The part that made all her outfit, however, was her hair. The two buns above her head were reminiscent of the ’90s band The Spice Girls’ Scary Spice.

In the scene, Batsheva showed up at her mother’s office to talk about her social media project, but the conversation was put aside when a stranger from their old community reached out to Julia to find a way to take on a new one. departure in the modern world. world.

3 Episode 7: A Modern Take on the Business Skirt

Three images of Batsheva from My Unorthodox Life trying on a purse for an outfit

Since she was only 27 when the show aired, Batsheva found a way to make business professionals fashionable and age-appropriate.

In the seventh episode, she wore a modern take on a business suit with a gray button up tucked into a matching skirt. To make it haute couture, she tied a designer handbag around her waist. It’s in this scene where Batsheva asked his sister Miriam to be his model to show off fall fashion to a group of followers for a Zoom reunion.

2 Episode 7: Flirty In Pink

A split image of Batsheva in a pink shirt preparing for a Zoom call in My Unorthodox Life

After the aforementioned Zoom meeting, Batsheva wore her feminine top and jeans for the big day. She paired her pink top with the perfect necklaces that made her cleavage shine.

Unfortunately for Batsheva, her model Miriam was late for the big reunion, which made her appear unprofessional. To make matters worse, Miriam had all the products Batsheva needed for the presentation itself. It was this kind of family drama that made My unorthodox life one of the top rated original series produced by Netflix. Luckily for Batsheva, Miriam eventually showed up to perform the presentation.

1 Episode 8: Inspired by Clueless

Three images of Batsheva in a 90s-inspired outfit from My Unorthodox Life

Batsheva’s matching plaid skirt and blazer was reminiscent of the iconic yellow plaid ensemble Cher wore in the ’90s movie, Distraught. She’s proven time and time again that there is a way to create chic outfits suitable for work and play.

Unfortunately for Batsheva, even though she looked adorable, she received bad news in this outfit after her paid gig on TikTok failed due to her mother’s business advice.

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