No Game No Life – Izuna Hatsuse – Figure 1/7 (Phat Company)


After more than a year, I am happy to share that the Understood so much the review series is back, at least in a limited capacity. The postponement of this series was ultimately due to aftershocks left by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in all of my figurine orders being stuck in a warehouse in Japan for over a year now, unable to ship to Australia. As they slowly catch on, at least the ones I haven’t canceled, expect to see a few more number reviews to be posted online in the weeks and months to come. To start off, I would like to start with the very first action figure that arrived at my doorstep last week.

Continuing their ongoing work with the popular anime / light novel media franchise No game no life, manufacturer Phat Company released a fanservicey figure of Izuna hatsuse in April 2020. The second prominent pre-painted figure released for the adorable vixen – the first being an Aquamarine school swimsuit-style figure in 2018 – this figure features Izuna wearing an eloquent Japanese kimono. Oh, did I say wear? I guess the most correct word would be undress. Unlike other characters in the franchise including Schwi Dola, Shiro and Jibril; for some reason, Izuna (who is downright adorable in his own way) can’t settle for having a typical figure based on her standard outfit, having to add a touch or a fanservice costume to the mix. Having said that… is this number worth adding to your collection?

I think the apparent prompt to this question is … who will you show this figure to? If there is a lot of traffic around where you are presenting your figures and your parents don’t like your otaku ways … then maybe this figure is not for you. It is undeniable that this figurine represents a young vixen girl in a state of undress – although it does not violate the line of an erotic nature. On the other hand, if you can stand the typical nudity and fanservice found in No game no life, you shouldn’t have any problem on that front.

Phat Company has been the source of many amazing figures around No game no life. The most important element is their attention to detail and the adaptation of Yuu Kamiya’s original coloring style, which makes each character’s outfit and, in particular, the hairstyles, pop. The same goes for their new silhouette, a real pleasure to photograph because I appreciated the little attention to detail on the kimono. It was also nice that they added texture and realism to his tail, unlike the silhouette of Aquamarine’s school swimsuit, where his tail had the right colors but appeared to be a piece of plastic. solid rather than hair. I’d say it’s still not perfect, but the winner was easy to determine with the two side by side.

While Izuna’s kimono is definitely the highlight of this figure, other elements have made it well designed for her use. Her underwear is adorable and carefully designed to accommodate his big, floofy cock, her facial expression screams “Stop looking at me – please”, and despite the fact that I would prefer her not in one. pose of fanservice – they do enough to make sure she doesn’t go overboard when it comes to nudity. Plus… the coloring of her hair and big floofy ears was exceptional.

Following other figures from Phat Company NGNL, Izuna is positioned on a chessboard base. The base itself is optional, as it is shown sitting on the floor and therefore does not require any additional support from the base to stand up. But consistency is welcome and complements the purple and white checkerboard design of the packaging, which you can see in all of the photographs in this article.

This figure is not perfect, however, and has a few elements that disappoint him. First off, there were a few inconsistencies in the paint, and when seen up close it doesn’t quite meet the high standards I expect from NGNL Phat figures. I don’t know how many of these inconsistencies are due to storage for more than a year, and how much is due to manufacturing. However, I would say it arrived in the best possible condition on the delivery side with top notch packaging. The second issue is that the figure is clearly designed to be viewed from top to bottom, as Izuna’s detachable head looks very awkward (from my perspective) when looking up and down. In my opinion, they should have gone with a non-detachable head.

Despite some inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, this is an adorable figure that I will keep, albeit quietly given its NSFW nature, for now. I would have preferred something more SFW aligned with all the other characters, but she’s downright cute technically and photographically.

Oh, and for those who collect them, this figure comes with Ino Hatsuse and Miko mini figures!


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