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Aerial view showing the State Legislative Assembly building. – Photo by Bernama

KUCHING, July 19 – More business operations are now allowed to open in accordance with updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as part of Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan (PNR).

Based on the SOP released on Saturday by the National Security Council (MKN), additional retail operations allowed for the reopening include those related to photography, floristry, as well as those selling watches, instruments of music, accessories and cosmetics.

Other authorized retail activities are the sale of handbags, shoes, stockings, basic necessities, religious items and bicycles (repairs and sales).

Yesterday, in an article posted on the Sarawak Disaster Information Facebook page, he mentioned that the SOP (Economy Sector) update could be downloaded through the website of the Department of Local Government and Housing.

On July 13, MKN released the SOP for Sarawak as part of PNR Phase 2, which initially allowed businesses such as car wash operations, fashion clothing and footwear stores, free laundries. -service, as well as barber shops and hair salons (only for haircut service) reopen, as of July 14.

Other operations allowed to reopen were stores with mobile services, including retail (sale of items), repairs and bill payment, stores selling sports equipment, health care stores, stores optics as well as pet stores.

Furniture stores, hardware stores, and household goods, kitchenware and appliance stores have also been given the green light to resume operations.

Other departments allowed to resume operations included stores supplying health goods and equipment; stores selling safety equipment; stores selling electronic, electrical and computer / ICT products; stores selling cleaning, mowing, pest control and agriculture-related products, including those intended for nurseries; shops selling fishing equipment; premises selling auto accessories, including sales, maintenance and repairs, as well as packaging and printing.

The latest SOP also indicated that the opening hours of the economic and industrial sectors had been revised to extend from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

These retail operations providing essential items would continue to open including convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores as well as various markets including wholesale markets, weekend markets and night markets. .

Shopping malls were only allowed to open sections selling essentials.

Initially, all restaurants such as restaurants, food courts, food stalls, food trucks, road hawkers, mobile hawkers, hawker centers and food kiosks could resume their catering service, but the decision has been postponed to July 16.

This was after the Department of Local Government and Housing issued a new SOP for dining in restaurants, following the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) announcement of the suspension of this service due to the detection of 16 other cases of Delta variant in Kuching. .

The new SOP for on-site meals plans to limit such a service to be provided by restaurants whose operators and workers had been vaccinated with at least the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. – Borneo Post Online

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