Photos: Main Street confectionery reopens at Magic Kingdom


The Main Street confectionery reopened in Magic kingdom To Walt disney world, and just in time for the 50th anniversary of the park and Walt Disney World as a whole!

All pictures from Chris Rex

The store had closed in March to receive a new look and an expanded layout. The recently reopened location also promises over 30 new items that will only be found at the confectionery store.

The Main Street Confectionery is now sponsored by Mars / Wrigley, so you’ll also find a plethora of M & M’s products, even a brand new wall called “Color Kitchen”, featuring 38 different colors of delicious candy. The sponsorship also allows other Mars candies, like Skittles and Reese’s Pieces, to be sold on site.

Customers can now move around the store’s various “kitchens”, each offering their own unique and tasty treats. One of these new kitchens is the Glacier Kitchen, which houses frozen drinks of different flavors.

Customers can also look into the Confection Kitchen and watch the tasty products prepared before they are on display and available for park patrons to buy and enjoy.

The old location known as Chapeau, which houses mouse ears, embroidery and other headgear, has been taken over by the new Kernel Kitchen. Here, guests can get their hands on delicious candied popcorn in different flavors. They can even customize the popcorn with flavors like caramel, rainbow fruit, and cheddar, with options to add M & Ms and a drizzle of chocolate.

Earlier this week, the Cast Members put the finishing touches on the store and were treated to their own private celebration ahead of the grand reopening.




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