Pokémon Unite launches Greedent and new skins in Halloween Festival event


Pokémon Unite has announced a new Greedent fighter alongside its Halloween Festival event, which is expected to include plenty of Pokémon pumpkins.

The developer of Pokemon unite revealed the next Pokémon to join the game alongside a host of in-game Halloween celebrations. Players will be able to enjoy the spooky season with UniteHalloween Festival, which will feature not only a new Greedent fighter, but also new in-game skins and special effects. Greedent is the latest Pokemon unite An upcoming character in the game, his roster growing steadily since launch.

Pokemon unite released for Nintendo Switch earlier this year before coming to mobile devices a few months later. The free-to-play game is a MOBA in which teams of five compete against each other and score goals as a favorite Pokémon. While the game launched with a pretty impressive selection of characters, many more have been added since then, and with almost 900 Pokémon in the franchise, players are eagerly awaiting announcements of new characters. Some revelations have moved ahead of the official news thanks to data leaks, which may give an indication of the next Pokemon unite fighters.

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Revealed in a new Pokemon unite trailer, players will soon be able to participate in spooky activities thanks to the Halloween Festival, which runs from October 20 to November 10. The festival features the normal squirrel-like Pokémon Greedent, while the game’s arena and gameplay will get a spooky overhaul. The trailer reveals pumpkin-themed special effects used in combat, with Pokémon apparently able to transform and use pumpkin-themed moves against their enemies. New skins will also be available for Trainers and Pokémon, including carved pumpkin headgear to mimic Pikachu, as well as a bag of candy and a witch hat. New styles for Pokémon include a “Bonfire style“for Slowbro, a firefighter costume for Blastoise and a warm knit hat and scarf set for Charizard.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here.

New Pokemon unite The update looks exciting, but the trailer raises a lot of questions about the content to come. It’s not clear in the video if players who purchase Halloween skins will be able to use their special effects after the festival is over, or if they will simply become visual-only cosmetics after November. The trailer also doesn’t give too much information about the new Greedent fighter, without confirmation of exactly when he’ll be available in the game.

Fans of Pokemon unite may have questions, but there isn’t too much time to wait until it all becomes clear. With Halloween just around the corner, players will be able to participate in the Pokemon unite Halloween Festival in a few days. The event sets the stage for future seasonal content, possibly for the holiday season and beyond. With Pokemon unite being less than a year old, there are still a lot of surprises fans probably have in store.

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Source: YouTube / Pokémon Unite

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