Politicians and activists keep abusing the insignificant Kangana Ranaut


In a recent interview, actress Kangana Ranaut, a four-time national winner and winner of the Padma Shree Prize, sparked controversy. She said India only achieved absolute freedom in 2014, when Narendra Modi’s government came to power. She described the independence India obtained in 1947 from the British as handouts. After the controversy, Kangana stood up for herself and said that if someone could prove her wrong, she would give him back her Padma award.

The sexist and despicable comments against Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has faced a slew of sexist and vile comments since making the remarks during the interview. The most recent comment came from Shiv Sena MP Krupal Tumane. He launched a sexist rant against four-time award-winning national actress Kangana Ranaut to imply that she did not deserve the Padma Shri conferred on her earlier this month. He said: “Kangana Ranaut knows how she herself got the Padma Shri. Whose feet she licked and all the things she licked to get the prize. All Delhi MPs and MPs are aware of that. The people lobbying in Delhi are also aware. To talk more about it would be “tuchha” (shallow), and I wouldn’t want to say anything more about such a “tuchha” woman.

On November 15, the leader of the Samajwadi party, Abu Azmi, lost his head and called Kangana “talve chatne wali aurat”. The head of the SP, during a television interview, said that Kangana Ranaut “ek talve chatne vali aurat hain, uses the prison bhej dena chahiye” (it is a licker, she should be sent to prison). Without explicitly taking BJP’s name, Azmi added that Kangana Ranaut mocks the party, which she says brought real freedom to India after 2014. When the presenter tried to warn him against the comments vile on a woman, he said he had no remorse for what he said.

Ashok Swain, an alleged professor at Uppsala University in Sweden, had questioned giving the Padma to someone whose Twitter account had been banned for “hate speech against Muslims”. It is unclear how the social media platform Twitter, which is a privately held US-based company, can be considered a yardstick for selecting who gets Padma awards and who doesn’t.

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G Kris Nair, who appears to be a member of the Congress Party and “supports women’s empowerment according to her Twitter profile, posted a derogatory cartoon of Ranaut licking boots. He wrote: “Padma Shri for that.

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Piyush Mishra, national spokesperson for the Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party (SBSP), said: “This Kangana Ranaut, who undresses in his underwear and goes almost naked for money, calls into question the country’s independence . He further called her a drug addict and said, “This drug addict woman should immediately be tried for treason and sent to prison.”

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Wire’s Arfa Khanum Sherwani did not miss the opportunity to attack Ranaut. She said honoring those prohibited from hate speech is honoring hate. Interestingly, Sherwani has been seen repeatedly defending supporters of radical Islam.

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Likewise, the columnist for the National Herald Congress spokesperson, Mrinal Pande, was unhappy with Ranaut’s receipt of the award. She asked if Padma’s jokes were the best. Pande, who is considered a “renowned” journalist among the left-wing media section, forgot that before 2014 hardly any deserving candidate would win the Padma Awards. It was only after the Modi government came to power that the Padma Prizes truly became the Padma of the people.

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Man Aman Singh Chhina, who calls himself a journalist, said: “Hate-mongers should not receive national honors. Let’s not forget what she said on Twitter.

Kangana Ranaut thanks her followers after receiving Padma Shri 2020
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Recently, NCW became aware of the now deleted tweets from a certain Vinay Ojha, general secretary of social media and IT cell, Bihar, where he had posted several despicable comments on Ranaut.

Amid the hateful atmosphere around Ranaut, veteran actor Vikram Gokhale came to support her. He explained the rationale for the remark and said that freedom was alms because it was “given”. He added that many freedom fighters were hanged during the independence movement, but the bigwigs did not try to match them and remained silent onlookers.


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