Prince Charles’ Luxurious Lifestyle: Travel Stories of Prince Charles Carrying His Bed, Toilet Seat, and Paintings on a Trip!

Packing is one of the most vital parts of one’s journey. Of course, when it comes to visiting remote places, we usually prefer to go there all prepared. From medication and adequate clothing to footwear and travel accessories, all of these things are well maintained. But have you ever thought about carrying your toilet seat, bed and paintings when planning a trip? Well, probably not!

However, Prince Charles of Wales cannot travel without his toilet paper, toilet seat and bed! Well, kings, queens and princes can do whatever they want, right?

The revelation of Prince’s travel habits was revealed by Tina Brown in her latest book
The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, Truth and Turmoilwhich was released last week.

Brown, a journalist who has covered the British royal family for many years, wrote of Prince Charles’ luggage for long and short trips, which included ”
the prince’s orthopedic bed, toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet toilet paper, as well as two landscapes of Scottish landscapes.”

In her book, she mentioned that just a day before the trip, Prince Charles’ luggage was moved to a truck which included his bed, a toilet seat, velor toilet paper, as well as paintings of Scottish landscapes. . Prince Charles’ personal confidant and former valet, Michael Fawcett, handled all of these things.

If you thought that was it, also know that during his travels, Prince Charles focused carefully on the menu that was served to him. It carries a list of food items that have been prepared in advance. The list also contained a premixed martini that he used to drink only from his own glass.

Apparently, Prince Charles isn’t the only royal with quirky travel habits. The Queen (Elizabeth II) also shares similar travel preferences. She never forgets to grab a slice of her favorite cake, her hot water bottle, a pint of blood (only god knows why) as well as her own toilet paper (Royals love their toilet paper, that’s for sure!).

While we’ve known stranger travel stories, this one surely packs a royal punch; to the right?

  1. Who is the author of “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, the Truth and the Turmoil”?
    Tina Brown, who is a journalist, wrote the book.
  2. When did the book come out?
    The book was released on April 26, 2022.
  3. Who is Prince Charles?
    Prince of Wales, Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.
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