Ragging in VSSUT probed; 12 students leave campus


Sambalpur: The disciplinary committee of the Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT) has investigated the alleged groans of a third-year student by his elders at the institute.

VSSUT authorities found 12 students involved in the case and ordered them to leave campus. Following this directive, these students left their campus on Friday evening with their tutors.

They have been warned not to be seen in college, hostels or on campus until a decision is made on the matter at the next meeting. The VSSUT authorities have warned if the management is violated, the students will be taken to task.

The next meeting of the VSSUT Discipline Committee will be on Tuesday. The incident occurred Wednesday night when a group of graduating students knocked on the door to the complainant’s bedroom.

They asked him to show them his cell phone. When the victim refused to comply with their request, the elderly beat him up. The student’s father lodged a written complaint with the dean of student welfare at the institute.

At the time, Vice Chancellor Banshidhar Majhi claimed it was a brawl between students, but announced that the university’s discipline committee would hold a meeting on the matter.

In the past, the VSSUT has seen several cases of ragging. In August 2019, a video showing seniors with around 50 junior students went viral.

In the video, high school students were seen ripping their juniors’ shirts off, slapping them and forcing them to dance in their underwear while holding their ears.

The institute banned 10 students from taking university exams for a year and fined 52 rupees each for being involved in the incident.

Ragging is prohibited on all campuses across the country.



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