Retailer kicked out of New York Comic Con for refusing to wear a mask



The New York Comic Con reissued the following warning for its show this weekend, saying “Reminder: masks are required at all times when visiting NYCC, except when sitting down to eat or drink. Be careful , be cool and have fun. Review our health and safety policy here “. Who declared;

Face Cover: Everyone is required to wear an approved face cover when attending New York Comic Con. For more details and face cover requirements, please click here. Note: Based on applicable local and local health guidelines, this policy applies to all participants, including cosplayers, exhibitors, guests, performers, and staff. We will continue to evaluate this policy and post updates as they become available.

Costume and cosplay: These policies apply to cosplay and costume parts. Face coverings must be visible at all times. For this reason, headgear and cosplay parts that cover the face in a way that does not visibly meet the face covering requirements will not be allowed. We appreciate your understanding.

Reports reach Bleeding Cool that while wearing masks is the norm at New York Comic Con, there were many exceptions, requiring the reiteration of the NYCC participation policy, but that for the most part, the policy was not enforced by anyone. However, it suddenly appeared to take a left turn later in the day. After a lot of rumors we got about this, My little Pony cartoonist Andy Price posted from NYCC, saying “So, yeah, that’s right – a big seller at New York Comic Con was kicked out today, for refusing to wear masks. Not only was it a convention warrant, c ‘is mandated by the city. I feel ZERO pity for them. Get out. Price also noted that some of the participants were also challenged. “When security catches them, they are – I saw a savvy couple and a couple escort.”

Screenshot of YouTube’s New York Comic Con

If anyone has other details, please send them …

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