Shapewear has always let me down, but this brand is a game changer


A few years ago, I made a solemn vow to never wear shapewear again. It came after an awkward night of wearing underwear under a dress that, while perfectly fitted, was made of a tacky fabric, and I figured the underwear would be a seamless silhouette for me. How wrong I was. Instead of no VPL look I was hoping for, I found the areas where the shapewear was stopping, and my body was now starting to brag about bulges that weren’t there in the first place, making me unsure of things I was doing. was not worried before. The experience was enough to wear me out for life. That was until I started to hear the buzz growing around Skims underwear.

Designed by Kim Kardashian, Skims is the star’s own shapewear brand, offering nine different colors that include bodysuits, shorts, arm, bralettes, push-up bras, and more. And while I constantly see clichés of influencers in their Skims loungewear (which is epitome of chic), it’s the formwear in the line that commands the most hype. Just Google the term “Skims Shapewear” to see thousands upon thousands of rave reviews proclaiming it to be the most inclusive, diverse and efficient shapewear on the market. So much so that it is enough to pique my interest and to eclipse my cynicism.

Allison wears loungewear from Skims.

Here’s how Skims describes the impetus behind the brand on its website: “Searching for the best underwear and underwear over the years, Kim became frustrated with the lack of options available and couldn’t find anything. that offered the right support, coverage or tint. This led to her cutting and staining pieces at home, sewing them together to achieve the solutions and results she wanted. Skims is Kim’s answer to supportive clothing that actually works. Designed to smooth, lift, lift and tone – every room has a solution for everyone. “Sounds good, right?

Editors of Who wears what The American arm was among the first to try on Skims formwear when it was launched. Their verdict? “At first glance, they looked really intimidating and so small, so I was really nervous to try them out. However, they were surprisingly easy (for shapewear) to put on, ”explains the beauty editor. Sarah yang. “I thought there was going to be a lot of tugging and pulling and writhing in my body, but no! After putting them on I felt like I needed to catch my breath a bit because they were so tight. They definitely got the job done, though – smoothing everything out and vacuuming everything up. I’m not sure if I would be able to wear them all day (I can’t wear underwear all day), but for a few hours at an event or a party? I can handle that. “

Indya wears Skims underwear.

Seeing as holiday season is just around the corner, maybe I should just see what it’s about for myself. With ingenious designs, including sculpting shorts with one leg longer than the other; perfect for any slit front dresses I seem to wear – it looks like sartorial problem solving is another string Kim can add to her bow.

Below I have put together a selection of Foam shapewear, which should give you an idea of ​​the breadth of the range. With many pieces available in all nine colourways, it’s worth clicking to see the specific shades of the underwear you prefer, as there will likely be other options to choose from. Scroll on, and who knows? You might just find your shapewear soul mate.


Foam Seamlessly sculpt solution 2 in onyx (£ 45)

Foam Sculpt Cacao Seamless Sculpting Bra (£ 35)

Foam Onyx stretch neoprene trainer waist (£ 70)

Foam String Core Control in mica (£ 26)

Foam Sculpt Sculpting Seamless Mid Rise Brief in Oxide (£ 30)

Foam Naked Plunge Bra in Onyx (£ 78)

Foam Jasper slip dress (£ 117)

Foam High-waisted bonded onyx shorts (£ 106)

Foam String Core Control in shadow (£ 26)

Foam Sculpt mica seamless sculpting bra (£ 35)

Foam High waist bonded thong in onyx (£ 74)

SKIMS Cotton Collection underwired bra in bone (£ 48)

Foam Essential Crewneck Thong Bodysuit in Sandstone (£ 74)

Foam Seamless Sculpting Mid-Thigh Short in Cocoa (£ 37)

Foam Suitable for everyone Clay bandeau bra (£ 30)

Foam Seamless Sculpt The Solution 1 Shorts in Oxide (£ 45)

Foam Seamless Sculpting Mid-Thigh Short in Onyx (£ 37)

Foam Clay stretch neoprene waist sneakers (£ 70)

Foam Cocoa Sculpt Sculpting Seamless Mid-Rise Brief (£ 30)

Foam Sculpt The Solution 2 Seamless Clay Short (£ 45)

Foam String Core Control in Onyx (£ 26)

Foam Seamless Sculpting Mid-Thigh Short in Ocher (£ 37)

Foam Smokey Quartz slip dress (£ 117)

Foam Suitable for everyone Marble thong (£ 20)

Foam Sculpt en ombre seamless sculpting bodysuit (£ 67)

Foam Sculpt Sculpting Seamless Mid Rise Brief in Ocher (£ 30)

Foam Sculpting Seamless Sculpting Bra in Onyx (£ 35)

Foam Seamless Sculpt The Solution 1 Shorts in Oxide (£ 45)

Foam Seamless Sculpting Body Sculpt in Ocher (£ 67)

Foam Fits Everybody Boy’s Cocoa Shorts (£ 24)

Foam Fits Everyone Triangle Bralette in Sienna (£ 35)

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