“She has perfect taste for a baby”

This baby who chooses her outfit of the day is so adorable!

Chloè Amelle (@chloe_amelle) is a TikToker and mom to a darling 8 month old baby named Indi. The dynamic duo are known for their social media videos, including ones where Chloe places baby clothes in front of Indi and lets her choose her outfit.

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In one of these videos, we see Chloe putting a bright yellow sweater and a peaceful purple sweater in front of Indi and saying, “Which one?” Indi goes for the brighter option, and we cut the yellow sweater for her.

Next come the socks. To accompany her sunny sweater, Indi gravitates towards a pair of neutral gray striped socks over a more colorful pair. It’s all about balance!

Now that the socks are covered, it’s time for the shoes. Indi chooses a pair of knit ankle boots to accompany her gold sweater and gray and white socks.

Once the socks and shoes are on, Indi and Chloè switch to headgear. Indi chooses a striking white headband with a bow on top over a smaller yellow headband that also has a bow.

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The outfit finished, it’s time for compliments! “You are so beautiful,” Chloe gushes offscreen as Indi smiles and plays with her blindfold.

The sweet video was greeted with a flood of comments from viewers who couldn’t get enough of Chloe and Indi’s adorable dress routine.

“Is it just me or does she seem like she’s taking a moment to really deliberate it, and she tastes impeccable for a baby,” one TikToker observed.

“After the first choice, I chose each piece in front of it. No wonder her outfit looks better than mine in real life, ”wrote one aspiring fashionista.

Whether or not you line up with Indi’s outfit choice, everyone can agree that she is 100% adorable.

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