Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Best Couple Dress Up Moments

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are one of those quintessentially cool couples who make everything seem effortless. From their low-key nuptials in Vegas to the quiet birth of their two children, the couple have been known to stay away from the spotlight unless absolutely necessary (read: read carpet events and concerts).

So it’s no surprise that when the world catches a glimpse of the couple, it seems like a really big deal – bonus points if they’re on the streets.

One thing we noticed in these rarer, out-of-order shots is that they’ve really mastered the art of couple dressing. And, although this term may conjure up images of At Britney and Justin’s matching denim set in 2001, it doesn’t have to be so matching. In reality, Sophia and Joe are more about complimenting each other than coordinating them.

It’s no surprise that the pair are good at working with each other’s fashion sense, as they’ve previously revealed that they like to dress quite similarly.

Talk to teen vogue in 2021, Turner revealed that she and Jonas really liked sharing each other’s clothes.

“The hardest thing in my life is organizing the washing, because I don’t know who is who,” Sophie joked at the outlet. “We buy and wear the exact same things. We always swap clothes, especially vintage t-shirts.”

Below, x looks that prove that Sophie and Joe have passed the brief when it comes to couple Pad.
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