Spotlight on Cate: New fashion store opens on Mill Street

The exterior of Solar Fashion.
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Warm weather calls for cool clothes for casual work-from-home pieces, tops and going out dresses for weekend get-togethers. Now you can rush out the door and still look fabulous!

Mill Street in Bristol Borough recently hosted Solar Fashion, offering affordable but good quality, stylish and washable clothing for men and women. It IS possible to look cool on hot days with tank tops and some of the comfiest and cutest, easiest and airiest summer outfits, so don’t sweat it! Simple and chic outfits are easy to nail and quite stylish.

Everyone will love the low out-of-pocket cost and plenty of coin options to choose from.
Elegance is achieved by being fashionable.

Solar Fashion is a new outlet, but it’s hardly a new gig for co-owner Kyunghye Ahn, who already owns a women’s store in Lakewood, New Jersey.


Her husband, Taehee Ahn, has owned a men’s store in New Brunswick for nearly 30 years. They emigrated from Seoul, South Korea, to the United States in 1984 with their daughter, Haemi, and their son, Keith, who co-owns this new Mill Street store with his mother.

The Ahn family shares a strong work ethic.


“We didn’t know the language and we just worked really hard,” Kyunghye confirmed.

Credit: Cate Murway/

Their location at 304 Mill Street, nestled in historic Bristol, Delaware, was once home to Leonard A. Wilson’s “Leonard’s ~ The Fine Art Jewelry Shoppe”.


“We really love it here in Bristol Borough, and our Mill Street neighbor Papa’s Pretzel Place is owned by our daughter Haemi’s stepfather, Michael Beck. It’s perfect!” said Kyunghye.


Solar Fashion features a wide variety of versatile and chic pieces including floral dresses, strappy summer dresses, sparkly jewelry[desbouclesd’oreillespour1$dessacsàmainàlamodedesdébardeurssimplesuneintersectiondechaussurestueusesconfortablesetemblématiquesetdesbaspourlesfemmessoucieusesdelamode[someearringsforfashionablepursessimpletanksanintersectionofcomfortableandiconickillershoesandstockingsforthefashionconsciousfemales


Some days are just too hot to bother with a sleeve of any kind, which is why a crop top can be a sure savior, an answer to both style worries and heat worries!

There is also a wide variety of dress and casual shirts, casual jeans, slacks, military pants and military cargo shorts for the gentleman.

With so many inexpensive pieces in different styles, one can surely find an appealing selection, look truly appreciated, while putting one’s best foot forward.

Imagine trendy pieces of casual, classic, sporty, sassy and outdoorsy, edgy and romantic styles that speak for themselves. Sometimes nothing is as important as deciding on the perfect outfit.

Solar Fashion also offers underwear for men and women, as well as a selection of hair accessories that may suit even the youngest girls.

They pride themselves on their family business ethos with their store’s small town vibe in today’s busy retail world.

Don’t know what to wear? Need something easy to put on quickly?

Everyone loves expensive (looking) comfy and cute things in bright or bold colors.

Add touches of your personality with accessories or show off your unfailing sense of style.

Check out their special sales support for the newest deals that really rock and effortlessly.

Take inspiration from some of these iconic styles, create a look that will turn heads, then customize it!

YES! There are a few paid parking spaces on Mill Street, but there are always plenty of FREE parking spaces available in the borough’s large Mill Street car park.

Credit: Cate Murway/

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