St. Johns County School District asks parents about dress code


The St. Johns County School District sent parents a poll on Thursday, seeking comment on a dress code that has been a source of controversy for months and is now the subject of a federal investigation.

The nine-question survey asks parents the grade levels of their students and aims to gauge their feelings on a wide range of topics, including: whether it is acceptable for students to wear pajamas or lingerie, see-through clothing or mesh and ripped clothing or tears five inches above the knee. He also asks about headgear and whether it is acceptable for student clothes or school supplies to bear “gang graffiti.”

DOCUMENT: View a PDF copy of the survey or see an embedded version below

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An introduction to the survey says the school district expects students’ families to govern their own attire, saying the primary responsibility lies with them.

“The St. Johns County School District will implement a dress code that promotes a safe and positive school climate,” the survey said. “The dress code must be fair, equitable and consistent for all students,” while following state law that prohibits students from wearing clothing that exposes their body parts in an “indecent or vulgar” manner.

The distribution of the investigation online comes about three weeks after News4Jax learned that the US Department of Education opened an investigation into a complaint that the district’s enforcement of its dress code discriminated against students. A spokesperson said the district has until July 16 to provide documents in connection with the investigation.

For months the dress code sparked controversy, from students ‘complaints about how staff members’ comments on their attire made them ‘uncomfortable’ to a series of poorly edited yearbook photos that have made national headlines.

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The investigation will remain open until July 14.

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