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My name is Bintu Umar and my maiden name is Rukayya. I was born in Damaturu Local Government Area, now Yobe State, precisely in 1979. I grew up and grew up in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State.


I started my first studies in Borno, where I attended Lamisila Primary School, Maiduguri, Borno, from 1986 to 1992, after which I moved to High Islam, Maiduguri, for my O level education from 1992 to 1996.


After I graduated from Islamic High School in 1996 I got married and as you can see I got married to my super hero and very adorable husband Mohammed Abubakar the union is super blessed with four children. Let me say I am proud to report here that while one is currently on their one-year National Youth Service Corps compulsory program, others are about to complete their studies at various universities across the country. .


As a child, I had a passion for business, especially buying and selling. There is this passion in me to change the world through furniture and other appreciable accessories. I can tell you with pride that over the past 25 years I have constantly searched for new and better ways to run my business to customer satisfaction.

I liked the idea of ​​the bridal and children’s clothes as well as the furniture. I also take care of other fabrics such as packaging, bed sheets, shoes of different kinds and kitchen equipment among others. In fact, everything a woman needs in her marital home. I also have a sachet water plant.


My mother . She taught me how to work hard and how to be good in life. She encouraged me to work hard and never see the bed as my resting place.

Although a housewife, my mother did what is called petty trading. She was selling Kolanuts, soup spices to name a few. in fact, she taught me to get up early. These principles have shaped my life. Growing up, whenever she sends me off to buy earrings for myself and my siblings, I still hang out with the wholesalers and use all the money to buy the pack instead of the retailers who sell parts, and when my angry mom orders me to return it, I go ahead to defend myself, giving her reason to allow me to retail it for a profit. I always go the extra mile to defend my action by insisting it’s cheaper.

This is how I got into business. To be honest, I started my business with less than N100 or even less. This is how I became what I am now.

The logic is that, immediately I realized that people were always willing to hang out with me, I decided to expand this, improving my shopping and supplies to buy and sell shoddy packaging, but I then progressed to selling high quality and valuable fabrics and the like. ; shoes, earrings and plastic plates among others.


Well, although I now own a furniture store and a sachet water factory, I still have this habit of selling almost everything like shoes, packaging, earrings, plastic plates, kitchen equipment and the like, which brings me impressive income. I once stocked my shop with groceries too. In short, I have worked in many trades which, Alhamdulillah, have been fruitful for me. I think that to my knowledge what I have never tried or sold in Damaturu so far is food, which is why I dream of venturing there. My life is full of struggle and is paying off in a significant way.

As a human being, we will not stop planning and hoping for the best. My plan for the future is to create a huge company, thanks to which I will be able to employ more workers. Right now, with the little I do, I have about eight workers. So if I can get more, of course, I’ll set up more factories, hire more people, and help women become self-reliant.


Three powerful forces inspired me.

First of all, like I said, buying and selling is my passion. I like to trade a lot. Let me just say that I love to make a profit; it’s the kind of thinking that inspires and motivates me.

Second, my beloved husband who did not object to my choice of business. He believes in my abilities, supports and suggests result oriented strategies that have helped me today.

Third, I saw it as a way to contribute my small quota to the progress of my lovely family. I am inspired by the events and demands that surround me.


My major challenge is to increase the debt. This is quite unfortunate because some owe it to others to castigate you. I say this because while you always have a good capital base, ideas and inspiration as an entrepreneur, those debtors who deliberately collect property with promises to pay at a later date but never do, you can’t excel.

Look, they might end up driving down business. To a certain extent, you just need to be strict. Again, we live in a society where the economy bites and families struggle to survive. So, I get a lot of weird looks when I refuse to sell my wares on credit.


I think it has to do with a lot of factors. The main ones, I think, relate to the support and encouragement from different sectors. However, if you look at it from another perspective, women also have their own problem. You see, as northerners we have our religion and our culture teaching us how to live and behave, but some women, if given the ability to do things freely, abuse that freedom and engage in unthinkable behaviors.

There are therefore many factors! For example, some men have a habit that if a woman is financially successful, she might be stubborn and as such, he will not allow his wife to participate in any business or enterprise. Others also feel that since the woman has a source of income, they tend to leave all the responsibilities that were previously intended for them to their wives. So the factors are as many as you can imagine, as are the solutions.

So what makes you different from others?

For me, I have the full support of my husband. He knows me inside and out and we understand each other well. I told you before, he encourages me so much, so my story is completely different, Alhamdulillah! In addition, the simple fact that I diligently do my expanding business and that it succeeds me. My company of choice makes me different from others.

I believe my name rings a bell in Damaturu. Over time, I was able to open my heart and let Allah speak through my struggle.


What I dread theost is not being able to do as much as I aspire to do in business and in life goals.


I would say my greatest achievement is the life that I have been able to influence through my business. My family’s progress and having a loving husband as well as social responsibility activities. These achievements that I greatly appreciate


By the grace of Allah, I was able to find a good balance between family and business.

Honestly despite how profitable I am making, I have set a lead time, and doing that really helps a few things at the same time. In addition, my children have come of age, so they help me a lot. They make things much easier for me.


To my fellow citizens and to the young girls, the learning never stops. I always take every opportunity to learn and introduce a new profession. So in essence, don’t limit yourself. You have to dare to do more and learn new skills. Be creative

Successful entrepreneurs always devote 100% of their efforts to everything they do. If you know you are doing the best you can, you will never have any reason to regret. Focus on the things you can control; stay focused on your efforts and let the results be what they will be.

I also want to channel some of my advice to men. As we know, our religion, our culture and our tradition emphasize the place of man as the head of the family. It’s time to step away from the development train and start looking at things from a different perspective. In fact, it is high time for positive change. Things are changing and the world is changing very quickly, therefore, we must strive to move with the train.

Men as leaders should encourage their wives and daughters to be entrepreneurs. There are many ways we can get our daughters to embark on businesses that will benefit not only their immediate family, but also society as a whole. The main thing is that parents prepare to instill a healthy and moral education in their wards. While educating them, we must prioritize religious education; it is always essential to inject healthy character into the minds of the youngest. With a good and solid education, especially religion, the deceptive debate and fear of allowing women to go into business will not arise.

Women need to know their limits in doing things right. As I speak to you because of the poor education of parents and husbands, you may find a woman plunging into multiple crises numbering in the thousands or millions in, there has to be a starting point and a starting point, so nothing is easy. As women, we must be patient, obedient, respectful of our husbands, our families and society. Even if you are a complete housewife, start doing something in your matrimonial home. I mean start selling something because in doing so your husband can support you and your children will learn to be enterprising. Encourage your kids to be enterprising, especially now that we have modern ways of doing things on social media. Due to the advent of social media, one can easily advertise and even sell a property online. So let’s try something because for a company to succeed, there has to be a logic, commitments that are built over time.


Born in 1979, Hajiya Bintu is a renowned businesswoman and the proud owner of the business enterprise HAJIYA BINTU MURMUSGIN AMARYA DA YARA (Hajiya Bintu’s Brides and Children’s Smile).

In addition to dealing with household furniture and other accessories, she also thrives in the fabrics needed in homes. She has worked in the buying and selling business for over 25 years in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State. Hajiya Bintu also owns a pure water factory. She believes that her passion drove her to embrace the profession and that she is successful in it. She turned to her childhood craft to make ends meet in her new home and said that her profession has helped her tackle the issue of finance and low self-esteem.


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