Sylhet policeman sacked over comments about men protesting sexual harassment

Liakat Ali, who had served as a court inspector, was recalled and tied to police lines on Monday, according to Sylhet Police Additional Superintendent Md Lutfar Rahman.

Lata Samaddar, a lecturer in theater and media studies at Tejgaon College in Dhaka, filed a general journal alleging that she was harassed by a man in police uniform in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar on March 2 for wearing a tip.

The incident caused a stir on social media, with human rights activists staging protests in Dhaka and other parts of the country. The issue was raised in parliament and demands for action against the stalker increased.

Many men have joined the protests by posting photos of themselves wearing tips on their foreheads on Facebook.

Police eventually identified a gendarme, Nazmul Tareque, as the alleged harasser and suspended him.

In that context, Liakat took to Facebook on Monday and described the teacher’s alleged harassment for wearing the adornment on her forehead as a “trivial matter”.

“Men wear tips on their foreheads in protest but I’m worried about the future,” he wrote.

He added that many women wear “revealing” dresses in different cities and asked if male protesters would “wear women’s underwear” in case women were “similarly” harassed for wearing them. [undergarments].

His comments angered netizens and Liakat later deleted the post from Facebook.

“I am not a misogynist. I just passed on my personal opinion on Facebook,” he said.

But ASP Lutfar criticized his remarks, saying it was unbecoming of a police officer to make such remarks. “That’s why the authorities took immediate action against him.”

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