Tajinder bagga is dead? Who is Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga and why was he arrested

A platoon of Punjab police surrounded the residence of the BJP leader in Delhi this morning in connection with a case filed by Aam Aadmi party leader Sunny Singh Ahluwali in Mohali last month.

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga was arrested by Punjab Police this morning and a series of dramatic events continued into the late afternoon. The arrest escalated into Baga’s detention in an unprecedented cat-and-mouse chase between Punjab, Haryana and Delhi police forces.

A platoon of Punjab police surrounded the residence of the BJP leader in Delhi this morning in connection with a case filed by Aam Aadmi party leader Sunny Singh Ahluwali in Mohali last month. The leader of the AAP claimed that Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga had made provocative remarks, spread rumors and tried to incite religious and communal hostility, threatening Arvind Kejriwal during the March 30 protests. Ahluwalia also submitted Bagga’s statement and video clips to the police.

Punjab police then raided his Delhi home and arrested him.

Shortly after Baga’s arrest, a video appeared on the internet showing police grabbing Baga by the arm and leading him away. In the video, he can be seen walking with Punjab police without a hijab on his head. “He can’t even wear a hijab,” BJP spokesman Naveen Kumar Jindal later said in Delhi, saying about 50 police officers came to arrest Bagga.

In another clip, Tajinder Bagga is seen sitting in a car next to a policeman. He wears a black hood.

“We are appalled that a Sikh without a hijab was abducted from his home while there was a Sikh CM in Punjab,” a BJP leader told a news conference on Friday. .”

When the Punjab Police left Baga, the Delhi Police intervened and registered a kidnapping case against the Punjab Police at Janakpuri Police Station. Soon, Haryana Police also entered the scene. The Kurukshetra Crime Unit intercepted the Punjab Police convoy escorting Bagga to Mohali near the junction between Khanpur Kolia trunk road and GT road and took her for questioning.

Delhi police, who followed, then arrested the BJP leader and brought him back to the capital. As he was escorted to the car by Delhi police, Baga gave a victory gesture with his fingers to the media and cameras that had been chasing him all day.

Starting from the margins, Tajinder Singh Bagga has embarked on a steady journey towards the mainstream. A huge Twitter account helped him.

In 2015, he was part of #Super150, a group of social media influencers hosted by PM Modi at his official residence, during the launch of Digital India.

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The BJP leader launched “Operation Prashant Bhushan” in 2011 – Baga walking into a bar and attacking what he called separatist rhetoric. Buchan, who at the time was a central member of Team Ana, called for a Kashmir referendum, sparking a political battle between Congress and the BJP, which accused the team of being the “B- Team” on the other. That same year, he interrupted the launch of Arundhati Roy’s book, calling his work “pro-Cashmiri-Azadi”.

His group destroyed walls around the Pakistani High Commission and displayed posters calling for freedom for Balochistan.

He also hung a huge poster of Rajiv Gandhi outside the BJP headquarters. The poster, accompanied by a photo of Gandhi, has five words: “Father of the popular lynching”.

Bagga is also a businessman and runs T-Shirt Bhaiyya, an online store selling graphic T-shirts, kurtas, jackets, home accessories and jewelry. He announced his next project: “Kulhad Biryani: India’s First Brand Jhatka Biryani” as a counterpart to halal meat, which is preferred by most Muslims.

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