The 2021 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide for Kids


CCC of America’s Saints and Heroes video series are classics for Catholic children, teaching the next generation all about the lives of Saints.

A subscription to Formed just might be the best media giveaway you can give. Children can access Faith-based movies, TV shows, audiobooks, CDs, and eBooks.

This year’s must-have new version for kids is Saints of the world, which features lesser-known saints with amazing stories.

Every family needs a Bible, and you won’t find a better one for children than the Great Adventure Kids Catholic Bible Chronicles. It is designed to show how everything in the scriptures is part of the greater story of salvation, and the role that each of us can play in that story.

Saint Joseph: watch over my family is an adorable little picture book on the history of Saint-Joseph. It’s the perfect gift in this year of Saint Joseph!

My first interactive mass book is a sturdy hardback book that invites children to understand the beauty of Mass through hands-on activities like shutters, wheels, and tracing. It’s great for busy preschoolers or older kids who have something to keep their hands busy!

The Quiet Book of Catholic Mass is another delicious book for kids who need to move.

For the older ones, The sacred that surrounds usexplains clearly the symbolism and history behind the sacred objects that we see in every Catholic church.

Reluctant readers will love these Catholic comics about a brave and sympathetic little boy who was friends with Saint Francis of Assisi. There are 6 volumes in the totally endearing (and truly inspiring) Loupio series.

Good books help build a person’s character, and a novel about a Catholic family is a gift that will last a lifetime. We recommend the wonderful Mitchells series by Hilda Van Stockum: The Mitchell’s: five for victory, Canadian summer, and Friendly sprockets. And every Catholic child should read the exciting classic Ravenhurst Outlaw. You can find lots of other great ideas at Good Books for Catholic Kids and Bethlehem Books.

Discover the 7 sacraments with this Lego catechism (and a caveat: don’t buy a similar book called The Brick Bible, which is not suitable for children at all).

Show children how they can be saints with the delicious new picture book I’m a saint in the making, and introduce the concept of holy intercession with My little book of patrons.


Courtesy of Lisa Hendey

The little ones on the move can better understand Mass through the history of Sam the guardian angel, or through Katie Warner’s beautiful picture books that shed light on different aspects of faith.

Older children can follow Catholic time travel adventures in the Chime Travelers series.

Revel in the joy of the Christmas season with this stylish new artwork, The ABCs of a child’s Christmas: angels in the air, and those beloved classic Christmas picture books.

Does your family have a new sibling on the way? Help your children bond with the baby before he is even born with this book, I can hear music.

Kids will enjoy having their own prayer books, especially these fun superhero, forest and fairy tale themed books with traditional Catholic prayers.

Designed especially for ages 8 to 12, the Rise Up devotion is “designed to plant the seeds of a life of prayer and guide it to flourish.”

This Child’s Worship Prayer Journal is written to help children meet the Lord while praying in worship.


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