The best men’s underwear of 2022

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Essential is a funny word; sometimes it’s actually thrown away altogether superfluous (“It’s essential that you pay your taxes”), but in the case of comfortable underwear, absolutely necessary; extremely important couldn’t ring truer. As everyone should understand, a good pair of boxers or briefs can make or break your day. Too tight and you’re constantly looking to tug, struggle and readjust, but too loose and you can feel…exposed, to say the least. Beyond self-esteem, there is also the general public. No one wants to catch the infamous tight white glimpse, or the dreaded ass slip (poorly picked drawers, no doubt).

All this to say that it is important that you invest in your drawers. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to blow a huge chunk of change – although we certainly would, especially for some silky stink joints – but it does mean ditching the corner shop and seriously weighing your options. After all, there are plenty of great deals out there, and no two guys will want the same thing from underwear. Some men prefer boxers, the airy, cropped bottoms that allow for fluid movement, while other guys swear by the sunnier support of a boxer, and a few opt for tight, low-cut briefs. Cotton is the typical suspect for the material, but new alternative blends can be just as comfortable, if not more so. There is the age-old question of “to steal or not to steal”. Even the belt situation is customizable.

To help you on your underwear refresher journey, we’ve identified, tested and reviewed some of the best pairs on the market. We laughed, we cried, we picked the 18 best pairs of drawers for every type of guy imaginable. Do not miss this opportunity – in combination with new chinos you will feel like a new man.

The best underwear for men in 2022:

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Body 3-Pack Stretch Modal Boxers

Why should you buy them: Like it or not, a Calvin belt peak on some jeans is synonymous with sexy. The American designer’s ubiquitous briefs aren’t the most comfortable underwear we’ve tried (although they’ll get you through the day just fine) or the most technical, but if you’re concerned about aesthetics, it’s really is the only option.

a pair of red boxers on a gray background


Boxer CDLP

Why should you buy them: Swedish brand CDLP is relatively new to the underwear scene, but after some serious IH testing, we can confirm that their Boxer Brief is the real deal. The lyocel-spandex blend is surprisingly soft and eschews the typical latex feel that performance fabrics can carry, with breathable and naturally antibacterial properties and an added bonus.

a pair of white underwear on a model on a gray background

Ron Dorf

PACT knit boxers

Why should you buy them: Cool, airy and comfortably loose, the PACT knit boxer briefs incorporate soft, natural organic cotton made without toxic chemicals and 81% less water used than conventional cotton.

a pair of gray underpants on a gray background

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon Boxers Silver

Why should you buy them: Silver is a sheet notorious for sweat, and Mack Weldon’s Supima Cotton with Ionic+ Antimicrobial Silver Infused Panties ensures swamp ass is never even a possibility.

a pair of black underwear on a gray background


Men’s Uniqlo AIRism Boxer

Why should you buy them: Uniqlo’s AIRism technology is as innovative as we’ve seen: DRY and Cool Touch technology keep everything tuned, dry and, above all, cool. Our go-to summer brief, it’s the lightest non-boxer we’ve found.

A pair of cheetah print underwear on a gray background

Mr Porter

Tom Ford velvet-trimmed leopard-print silk-satin boxer briefs

Why should you buy them: You do not have to have spend $300 on a silk satin leopard boxer, but you could!

jockey on gray background


Jockey 5″ Classic Boxer 3 Pack

Why should you buy them: Jockey’s no-frills offering is always the best value.

a model in everlane underwear on a gray background


Everlane the Uniform Boxer

Why should you buy them: Part of Everlane’s uniform line, the Boxer is designed to get you through everyday life without any of the hassle of underwear. One of the few entrants on this list with a button fly, the Uniform Boxer is a structure for the ideal balance between movement and security.

a pair of SAXX underwear on a gray background


Boxers SAXX Vibes

Why should you buy them: Stance doesn’t just make socks; they make a very good record too. Athletic-inspired and ribbed to ergonomic perfection, this is the brief of choice.

3 pairs of Lululemon underwear on a gray background


lululemon Always On The Move 5″ Boxer 3 Pack

Why should you buy them: As we mentioned, AIM’s quick-drying, lycra-blend, bullet-proof boxer briefs are our favorite everyday boxer briefs.

a pair of blue underpants on a gray background

nice laundry

Nice Laundry Slim Fit Boxers

Why should you buy them: The Nice Laundry Boxer is an enigma; Sleek and flattering in profile, the drawers use premium stitching techniques and stretch pima cotton for a controlled boxer brief that won’t look out of place with slim (even skinny) pants.

6 pairs of Hanes on a gray background


Men’s Hanes Tagless® Solids 6-Pack Boxers

Why should you buy them: 6 briefs for $22 equals less than $4 a pair – how does that work out for some underwear math – with the added bonus of being tag-free, these Hanes pairs are fine with us.

A pair of black underwear on a gray background


Nike Luxe Cotton Modal Boxer

Why should you buy them: For DRI-fit converts, Nikes Modal Boxer is everything you love about your workout gear, packed into a brief package.

a pair of green rhone trucks on a gray background


Rhone Everyday Essential Boxer

Why should you buy them: Flexible briefs and a soft cotton finish usually can’t go together so well, but Rhone’s briefs have no limits to their range of motion, with no synthetic feel.

A pair of black underwear on a gray background


Boxer Stance OG

Why should you buy them: Stance doesn’t just make socks; they make a very good record too. Their patented Feather-Seam construction is honest in its claim of reduced irritation with a softer weave – we can vouch for that.

Gray underwear on a gray background

under protection

Under Armor UA Tech 9″ Boxerjock

Why should you buy them: Some people like a loooong boxer, and for those people, Under Armour’s Tech Boxerjock is 9-inch perfection. Fitted and comfortable, they have the length without any potential bulk.

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