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Bula Broads has helped over 1,000 women and girls by providing them with underwear over the past three years.

Founder Denise Kloeden said underwear is a necessity that is sometimes overlooked, especially when food is a higher priority.

She said Bula Broads provides underwear for women and high school girls in disadvantaged communities in Fiji.

“I think it’s important that girls stay in school and we want the children of the future to stay in school and be bright and help Fiji,” she said.

Ms Kloeden said girls were often embarrassed and could not go to school due to a lack of underwear or hygiene products to use during their period.

“Some women with cancer cried when we gave them our products at Colonial War Memorial Hospital Lancaster Ward.

“They were very happy because it cheers them up, especially as they go through their cancer journey.”

Bula Broads Underwear Ambassador and renowned local artist Laisa Vulakoro said the project was essential, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people were focusing on feeding their families.

She praised the work of Ms Kloeden and the 35 women who included cancer patients.

Bula Broads said 75 percent of the proceeds came from a generous group of women at the Scottsdale Mechanics Institute Hall in Tasmania, Australia.


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