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This Morning Aesthetic Wiki’s Discord Server was jam-packed with users trying to remember the name of an aesthetic that involves wolves and neon. As I played an invisible piano on my keyboard hoping to get the term off the tip of my tongue, I realized how often we define an aesthetic by using multiple adjectives.without knowing that there is a whole community dedicated to channeling it. Last on this list is “lovecore”. What we used to define as “that lovey-dovey style” is now an aesthetic in its own right with a cult following. ICT Tac and tumblr.

What is lovecore?

Think of Valentine’s Day, but all the time. Lovecore is an internet aesthetic that blends the hyper-femininity of cottagecore and sweet girl with valentine motifs like hearts, chocolate boxes, lipstick, cupids and love letters. Labeled a “visual culture of manufactured romance and affection,” the aesthetic focuses on a wholesome celebration of love rather than its erotic counterparts. Under these conditions, the official jam of the lovecorists is To crush by Tessa Violet. Remember how Violet reflects and transforms all shades of pink? It’s the lovecore chains of wholesomeness lost.

In terms of visuals, lovecore is synonymous with bouquets, frosted cakes, candies, angel wings, stuffed animals and absolutely anything heart-shaped in hues and tones of red, pink and white. Frequent images also include blushing anime girls with hearts for eyes. If this imagery intensifies, then the aesthetic loops into a subcategory called Yandere.

Lovecorists are found wearing a mix of lingerie, satin dresses, angel wings and formal wear. Specific pieces in this regard are clothes and accessories printed with hearts, satin dresses, fitted turtlenecks and cropped tops with feminine trims and details. If you ever have the honor of dating a lovecorist, remember that they love to cook, write love letters, hold hands, cuddle, and go out on fluffy dates.

The child in love with romance and nostalgia

On TikTok, #lovecore has amassed over 15 million views with content creators on a roll to make it one of the most positive hashtags on the platform. Here, lovecorists often bake cakes laden with cherries, make room tours, hook heart-shaped cup mats and suggesting playlists to channel the aesthetic as an entire subculture. Data from Google Trends for the search term ‘lovecore aesthetic‘ imagine a dynamic chart where lovecore even saw peaks in July 2020 – quite a far cry from the downpours that retreat from Valentine’s Day if you ask me.

Then there is Etsy and Depop. On the first, lovecore is paired with strawberry earrings, wigs, bubble blowers, Kandi lighter cases and brooches. Curated searches on Depop include satin dresses, lace corsets, and Crocs charms, all dipped head-to-toe in a bucket of hearts. A quick scroll through the 235,000 posts under #lovecore on Instagram, on the other hand, would have you falling down a rabbit hole full of famous Sanrio characters.

From Kuromi at Hello Kitty, these characters are often presented as graphic motifs embodying the nostalgic love of an era rooted in self-love and positivity. This nostalgic lovecore obsession with Sanrio characters is part of a larger movement toward childhood innocence and the connections that are already engulfing aesthetics like kidcore.

Lovecore is about feeling the love for the pieces you wear. Since hyper-femininity plays a huge role in aesthetics, betty johnson is basically buckled up as a representative. One of the most iconic looks associated with lovecore is that of Lirika Matoshi strawberry midi dressWho Tess Holidays worn at the 2020 Grammys. Although it originally retails for $490, knockoffs costing no more than $20 are now available on Amazon for those looking to nail the aesthetic without breaking their pastel piggy banks.

One of the most important aspects of lovecore is its versatility. The aesthetic can be both maximalist or minimalist depending on the taste of the wearer. One can either go full-on Betsey Johnson with chunky charms and Hello Kitty hair clips, or opt to keep it subtle with heart-shaped drop earrings tucked behind soft curls.

The appeal of lovecore is not just limited to fashion, it is also exploited as a means of self-expression within the LGBTQ+ community. “I spent my entire youth hating myself and the concept of straight romance didn’t appeal to me at all,” the Tumblr user shared women sweetheart, who maintains a blog dedicated to aesthetics. In an interview with NYLON, the 24-year-old admitted her obsession with love in all its forms after being part of the LGBTQ+ community herself. For her, lovecore means baking heart-shaped cookies, listening Through rose-colored glasses and wishing only the best for others.

Subgenres of aesthetics

Lovecore is also known as heartcore, crushcore and cupidcore among its fan base. However, aesthetics should not be confused with angelcore Where romantic academia even if they are supported by similar principles. In terms of subgenres, lovecore can be divided into two:

1. Pagano’s Lovecore

Pagano lovecore focuses on the iconography of love in Greco-Roman mythology and the Italian Renaissance, rather than Christian traditions. Common motifs of the subculture include marble statues, doves, old jewelry, and ancient love poems. Aphrodite, Eros and Adonis are the major figures present in Pagano lovecore. The subgenus also harbors an overlap with dark academia in terms of obsession with ancient Greek literature.

2. Shakespearean Lovecore

Shakespearean lovecore emphasizes the element of romance as portrayed in the works of famous playwright William Shakespeare. Do you remember I mentioned that lovecorists like to write love letters? In this regard, the subgenre revolves around Shakespeare due to the common depiction of romance in his works. Common motifs and values ​​of Shakespearean lovecore include poetry, antique furniture, forbidden/tragic love, and the architecture depicted in the era of its plays.

That said, lovecore can be concluded as a celebration in itself. A celebration of loveno matter the day, time or occasion. And in a time when even small gestures of love mean a lot, the more frills the better.

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Lovecore is the wholesome internet aesthetic celebrating year-round romance

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