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With the rise in popularity of alternative plant-based and superfood-based diets, the cannabis seed is more popular than ever and is captivating the athletic community. But deep down, is there a danger? What are the benefits, the risks, where does it come from, where is it going?

With the rise of alternative diets to plants and superfoods, hemp protein is in demand, appealing to the athletic community.

Many companies now have a platform to buy the best cannabis seeds online. But be careful and be aware of which vendors you choose because not all cannabis seeds and companies offer the best marijuana and hemp seeds online.

What is hemp protein?

It is obtained when cannabis oil is extracted from each cannabis seed, keeping only the protein. The protein-packed cannabis seed can then be processed and made into hemp protein powder.

Hemp protein powder contains a unique and powerful combination of 2 proteins: albumin and edestin. They are full of essential and non-essential amino acids.

The nutrients that compose it stimulate the immune system. This is why hemp protein is ideal for muscle growth and repair.

How much to get the desired results?

It is advisable to consume up to 3 hemp protein shakers per day from the best cannabis seed powder.

An excellent source of vegetable protein

Hemp protein contains 50% complete protein and all 21 amino acids. What to build muscle reliably!

An alternative to over-processed animal proteins

Athletes tend to turn to animal proteins made from milk. However, if it is the best known, this protein has a notable drawback. With the supply needs imposed on the sector, dairy cows are treated with antibiotics and force-fed with growth hormones, not to mention other additives of all kinds.

Manage the acid-base balance

Unlike the consumption of animal products, by moving towards plant products such as cannabis seeds, we neutralize the acidity of the body generated by animal proteins and thus prevent inflammation and viral diseases.

A significant amount of fiber

Cannabis seed contains over 20% insoluble fiber, about 4% soluble fiber. The fibers ensure good intestinal transit and maintain the good health of the intestinal flora. In addition, they prevent cardiovascular disease and the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Balanced fatty acids: the good fats!

The cannabis seed has a perfect balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

It is also loaded with nutrients! Cannabis is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin e. But also: thiamine, copper, manganese, potassium, sodium, riboflavin!

The cannabis seed strengthens the immune system and stimulates the production of antibodies.

Use cannabis seeds as an alternative

It is considered the ideal supplement for athletes, vegetarians, vegans or anyone concerned about their health and also the planet!

As we know, the consumption of animal proteins (especially meat) in our society is far too high. It is therefore an excellent way to limit the ecological disaster.

Hemp, cannabis seeds and THC

The question is often asked: is the cannabis plant safe? This is because hemp seeds come from marijuana plants. However, they do not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the main compound that gives these “high” effects.

There is a tiny amount of it (less than 0.2%), certainly not enough to alter the mind. The Sativa variety is approved for cultivation in Europe, due to its low THC content.

Another lobbying problem… While CBD (cannabidiol) is an excellent anti-inflammatory; he has just left the list of doping products! Cannabis is only contained in the flowers of the plant, so at no time can these products be suspected of being dangerous!

We also often hear that it is a food that does not keep well over time. But if it is shelled, the extraction temperatures are respected and the humidity controlled, the hemp protein keeps very well over a year.

It is not such a fragile product, because there are certainly unsaturated fatty acids, but vitamin E acts as a preservative.

Is Consuming Cannabis Seeds Good For You?

Remember, this is a super food. In addition, it’s good! There are a number of ways you can eat cannabis seeds without straining the liver. The only risk is to abuse this plant because we tend to cook it, but cannabis and hemp oil should never heat up like other seed oils!

What to remember from a good nutritional intake?

Hemp protein contains the same protein as eggs or meat. With cannabis seeds, we are only looking at 10-20% protein.

In contrast, shelled cannabis seeds provide 30% protein! But there are different levels of protein depending on whether it’s baking cannabis flour or hemp protein.

Hence the price differences between the products. Athletes and vegetarians will seek the best protein concentration.

Cannabis seed powder for athletes

Long-distance runners, swimmers, cyclists, marathon runners, etc., anyone who needs to rebuild after effort. This will be less useful to sprinters and other athletes who need a product that will regenerate them.

We no longer look for energy in sugar but in proteins and oil, which are stored in the liver, unlike carbohydrates! We then combine this protein with low glycemic index ingredients like coconut or dates.

Get the best cannabis online

You can easily access the best selection of marijuana seeds online with some of the top websites such as Go take a look and learn about the different varieties of cannabis seeds and the many useful information provided by cannabis seed experts.

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