The North Face’s tech-packed Summit Series looks like the ultimate alpine kit


The North Face has created an ultra-specialized and tech-packed collection for high mountain adventures. The 21-Piece Summit Series Advanced Mountain Kit features five exclusive new technological and construction innovations, all aimed at helping the wearer tackle some of the harshest environments on the planet. If this all sounds a bit familiar to you, it’s because the collection was first announced in early 2020, but the launch date has been pushed back due to the pandemic, which means it didn’t. is on sale only now.

The pieces are designed to be layered to create an ultra-breathable, compact and lightweight system. Let’s take a closer look at some of these new fabrics and technologies.

First up, Cloud Down, which appears in the L6 parka. TNF makes some of the best waterproof jackets out there, but as you might expect, this is a whole different beast. Cloud Down uses a staggered baffle construction between the inner and outer layers to give the down more room in the loft, providing the most warmth in the lightest package. It lives up to its name, because this coat is the most puffy and cozy parka we’ve seen in quite some time. It has a distinct Michelin man vibe that we imagine enjoying atop a snow-capped peak.

It’s not all on the down / baffle front! The range also introduces something called 50/50 Down. From what we can understand, this combines anti-down deflectors with an ultra-breathable face fabric, to allow heat to escape when it needs it.

TNF L6 parka close-up

(Image credit: The North Face)

As you move through some of the lower layers, you will find “FutureFleece”. This new technical fabric is made from octagonal shaped hollow yarns (‘Octa-yarns’, of course) which again offers better thermal performance and light weight.

For the base layer that sits next to the wearer’s skin, TNF uses a new “Dot Knit” fabric that aims to place it on top of the best base layers on the market today. There is a hydrophobic interior with a hydrophilic exterior, and sweat is drawn through holes in the fabric, away from the skin.

The range also uses Futurelight – TNF’s ultra-light, breathable waterproof fabric, already featured in many of the brand’s other garments.

Three men on snow-capped mountainside wearing The North Face Summit Series kit

(Image credit: The North Face)

North Face representatives say the innovations reflect years of research. In keeping with the brand mantra of “Athlete Tested, Expedition Proven”, TNF also engaged elite professional mountaineers to collaborate in the design and testing of the system.

“This kit and the process to develop it is amazing. The level of detail and thought behind each piece is noticeable, ”says David Göttler, professional mountaineer for The North Face. “This is quite simply the lightest, most functional kit I have ever worn, anywhere in the world and I look forward to many more adventures.”

Check out the full range on The North Face website here.


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