The real reasons for Thierno Diallo’s imprisonment

The former minister is in prison on behalf of “OCLEI” which assesses his property at 3 houses, 51 undeveloped land…

Placed under a warrant of committal Friday, December 31 by the Supreme Court, the former Minister of Cults and Cults, Thierno Amadou Hass Diallo, is still languishing in the large prison of Bamako.

Some press and networks claim that his incarceration is the result of irregularities estimated at 639 million by the Office of the Auditor General.

Since then, we have been surprised that the minister himself can serve the prison, alone, without any agent from the Department of Finance and Equipment (DFM) of the department concerned. Neither the DFM, nor the person in charge, nor the person(s) responsible for commitments and finance, nor the secretary general, authorizing officer of the budget, were interviewed.

We continued to wonder even about certain Watsaps groups including that of the former AEEM. We even challenged financial comrades within this group, so that we could understand. Without answer !

One thing leading to another, finally, it came back to us that he was not charged on the basis of the report of the General Auditor but on the basis of the 2020 annual report of the Central Office for the Fight against Illicit Enrichment. (OCLEI).

So we hastened to look through the report that was sleeping in our drawer. On page 51, file number 2 is highlighted. It concerns a minister at the time of the investigation. Today, he is a former minister. This case is one of six emblematic cases that Dr. Moumouni Guindo and his team have sent to the courts as alleged acts of illicit enrichment.

The minister in question, according to our investigations, is none other than Thierno Amadou Hass Diallo, in charge of Religious Affairs and Cults.

OCLEI opened an investigation concerning him on August 28, 2019. The conclusions of this procedure initiated identified 54 properties belonging to the person concerned, consisting of 3 residential houses; 51 undeveloped plots (including 5 in the name of his children) comprising 47 rural concessions with a capacity of 45 ha 51 to 65 ca.

The investigation revealed that the Minister and his agents held 6 bank accounts. The entries in these accounts amount to more than 434 million of our francs in the period from May 1, 2014 to January 31, 2020.

The total value of the assets acquired or developed during the same period is estimated by the independent real estate expert at more than 420 million FCFA. Still according to OCLEI, the cumulative salaries, salary accessories, bonuses and allowances of the person concerned is nearly 65 million of our francs over the same period.

The unjustified discrepancy before OCLEI amounts to 355 million of our francs. This sum, in the opinion of OCLEI, represents the difference between the value of the assets of the person under investigation and the total of his legitimate income, without taking into account his incompressible expenses.

This is why Thierno has been placed under an arrest warrant by the highest court in the country.

He is now the only Malian executive, the first, to be imprisoned within the framework of OCLEI.

Does he plead guilty? No, according to those around him who know him well.

Several testimonies maintain that Thierno can and should be given all the assets because he has been fighting since his childhood.

Albino by status, eldest in his family, he had lost his mother at the age of two. He therefore fought hard, as he knew how to do within the AEEM in 1991 at the ENI. The sequel is known for its commitment, brilliant and entrepreneurial spirit. He gave lessons in private schools before entering the civil service. Eventually he became a private school promoter.

Civil servant, diplomat in Brussels, Thierno has multiplied initiatives to have several strings to his bow. He bought trucks to resell them in Bamako. He owns a dumpster himself to sell sand and gravel for several years. He is also the owner of Sotrama, not to mention his solid relations with the royal family of Morocco and other foreign and Malian personalities who carry him in their hearts. Of course, with financial consequences. We will not discuss his status as an albino of which he is very proud.

This man there, according to his entourage, can build several houses and buy land.

“Since a young age, Thierno has always wet the jersey to live honestly. His enrichment, if any, is not illicit. It has the smallest government ministry. Without substantial budget allocation. What can he find in this department? I can swear his property has nothing to do with the state. For several years, his private establishment has been operating… we want to make Thierno a guinea pig. It won’t work, he will defend himself well,” said one of his relatives.

In any case, the first prisoner of OCLEI is known. It would be interesting to know the evolution of the five other cases: a former mayor; a sitting mayor; a finance inspector; a treasury inspector; a civil administrator.

Recall that OCLEI received 434 denunciations including 422 on the toll-free number 80 00 22 22 and 12 by mail.

The case of Thierno emanates, we were told, from his close entourage who went so far as to have one of his houses identified in Nioro du Sahel.

To be continued.

Wa salam!

Elhadj Chahana Takiou

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