The return of corsets


A quick look at any online media scene reveals the latest fashion trends, including baggy jeans, center parted hair, and thick eyebrows. Nonetheless, a worrying motif is bouncing back from a notorious and symbolic garment in feminine design – corsets!

Corsets had been described by First Wave Women’s Rights as the embodiment of the persecution of women, as women were required to wear clothing that limited their versatility and breathing while maintaining standards of femininity dependent on thinness.

Anyway, why are women wearing corsets again in 2021?

The corset has re-entered the design for quite some time. In 2016 Prada resurrected clothes in a more realistic style, worn roughly tied over thick clothes and sweaters. This style, while still meant to focus on a cut stomach, was not established in the old thoughts of “hotness”. Still, for the harvest / winter 2019 period, the designers showed a more conventional style, with a revisit of the full corset and wide tightening belts at the belly.

Credit: Unsplash

In addition, via online media, this conventional pattern has taken up much more space. Many are fans of specialty corsets – a culture that could fall into retro styling, body-changing, fetish, or cosplay classes.

The look got a boost when Kardashian wore a Thierry Mugler corseted dress to the Met Ball in May. The dress, intended to look like wet skin, contained a bodice made by corset maker Mr Pearl, who has long fashioned girdles for Mugler, as have various designers including Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood (he also wears an underwear and himself has an advertised 18-inch abdomen.

I believe that the arrival of corsets is due to its “vintage” personality. Corsets have dated roots and “vintage” is a sought-after thing these days. The curiosity of the 2021 period of underwear is that it’s something to flaunt. An assertive part of standing out from the rest of the outfit, it has become a loudly designed outerwear.

The possibility that something that was once so untouchable in more established days, worn under confidential dresses in women, could become something anyone can wear and show off makes the corset an immortal piece, advancing with each cycle of ubiquity.

Corsets could now be seen quickly available at stores like Victoria’s Secret, Shein, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and surprisingly sold second-hand at the exchange.


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