The ultra-famous all wear this forgotten accessory for $ 13 for a total change of outfit

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It’s a bucket hat world, we all live there. No, but seriously, is it even possible to leave the house or go to social media without seeing the era-defining headgear in one form or another? Knitted bells and nylon logo buckets abound these days, but some celebrities are courageously turning to lesser-known hats.

Katie Holmes is the latest in a series of super-celebrities to add a baseball cap to his outfits. Wearing a faded orange cap with white contrast stitching that she has now worn three times in two weeks, Holmes completed an otherwise very simple outfit consisting of a black tank top, sand-colored cropped sweatpants and black Birkenstock sandals. Previous outfits with the hat included a white long sleeve top with black sweatpants and sneakers and one white tank top with loose clay-colored linen pants and brown leather flats.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have also been on baseball cap-wearing tours – Kim is in Italy, where she was spotted top off a John Galliano dress with a cap stripped of cannabis leaves and mitigating a slip-dress and micro-cardigan look with a casual blue and red cap; in New York City, Rihanna served up high fashion menswear with a oversized blazer and black cap.

While Holmes leans on the power of the baseball cap To add flavor to understated looks, Kardashian and Rihanna rely on the hat’s neutralizing abilities to make their extravagant outfits more casual. Really, this hat can do it all. The next time you’re wondering if something is missing from an outfit, consider a baseball cap. Shop the superstar-approved accessory from $ 13 below.

Have the look:

Adidas Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap
Buy now: $ 18 (originally $ 24);

Carhartt canvas cap
Buy now: $ 17;

Adidas Saturday adjustable casual cap
Buy now: $ 15 ($ 20 originally);

Champion Ameritage Dad Adjustable Cap
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Dad hat embroidered with roses
Buy now: $ 13;

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