Things I Always Do When Packing for a Disney Vacation

So, you’ve booked your dream Walt Disney World vacation and your vacation date is fast approaching. You’ve booked your tickets, secured park reservations, and even nailed down restaurant reservations in advance for some delicious restaurants.

Now is the time to pack your bags. From must-have items to park bag guides and Disney World packing lists, we’ve got plenty of tips for packing for a Disney vacation. As a Disney fan with decades of experience packing vacations, these are the things I always do when packing for a Disney vacation.

Take inventory

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Inventory for a Walt Disney World vacation? Yes, taking a look at the items you may need to buy is a great first step in packing for a Disney vacation. You may find that those sandals you don’t wear often aren’t sturdy enough for a day of walking at EPCOT. Upon closer inspection, you may learn that you need cooler clothing options with built-in sun protection for your next day at Animal Kingdom.

Is your bag strong and reliable, or has your suitcase sustained significant damage that could prevent it from making it to Orlando? If you need to buy new clothes or shoes, taking inventory of your suitcase is a great way to make sure you have enough time to get what you need.

Expiration date check


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Check the expiration dates of sunscreen, insect repellent, and over-the-counter medications you pack. You may be surprised to learn that you need to replace all of your aerosol sunscreens or that you need to update your medicine kit with replacement medications.

Some medications and sunscreens become less effective over time, so be sure to protect your family by checking those expiration dates and adding them to your vacation shopping list if necessary.

Medicine available without a prescription


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Pack a small cosmetic kit of over-the-counter medications as a “hypothetical” supply. Certainly, you can go to the Disney Resort gift shop to buy a medicine bottle (more expensive and smaller) if needed. But do you really want to rush downstairs while caring for a sick family member? Packing medications like painkillers, antibiotic ointments, stomach medications, allergy medications, nausea medications, children’s medications, and bandages can save you a lot of time.

My favorite tip for reducing the bulk of these items is to remove them from the boxes and store the blister medications in a cosmetic case. As long as you can clearly see the name and dosage of the medication, you are good to go. Take a photo of the medication dosage instructions and warning labels on the medication box and add it to an album on your phone. If needed, you can easily check the drug dosage instructions without holding a cumbersome medicine box.

Try on park clothes



I know, I know it sounds silly, but I always try on Park outfits when I’m packing. Any seasoned Walt Disney World traveler will tell you that comfortable shoes and clothes at home might not be such a good choice after a few hours in the heat and after a few thousand steps.

Try on your Park outfits before you pack, to make sure the shorts are the right length, the shoes don’t rub blisters, and you have the right underwear for each outfit. You might find that a fun summer outfit you love at home is too sweaty for a park hopping option, or a favorite ensemble is too tight and itchy for a park day.

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Trying on your outfits before you pack them will ensure you don’t end up with avoidable wardrobe malfunctions or uncomfortable clothes on vacation.

Get serious about shoes

Footwear comfort on a Disney vacation is non-negotiable. You’ll be walking many miles at Walt Disney World Resort, so packing at least two pairs of reliable, comfortable shoes is a must.

It is very important to ensure that the shoes are broken in and that you have plenty of clean socks. I pack three pairs of shoes for a Disney vacation and always check each pair before packing to make sure there is no unexpected damage or wear.

Diet accessories


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Once you know comfortable shoes and outfit choices have been planned for each day at the park, think about what fun accessories you want to add. That might mean coordinating the colors of Minnie’s ears or finding the perfect fanny pack to hit the Magic Kingdom. It’s definitely not a must-have, but it does make dressing up on vacation a little more magical.


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roll these clothes

Did you know that you can fit more clothes in a smaller bag and arrive with less wrinkled clothes if you roll your clothes? That’s right, roll instead of fold, to pack more into less space.

Bonus points if you roll your clothes into packing cubes. You can easily organize outfits or separate them into packing cubes, making it easy to unbox when you arrive at Walt Disney World.

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Two swimsuits

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Nobody likes to wear a wet bathing suit, so you should pack two! With such beautiful Florida sunshine and such impressive pools at Disney resorts, most Disney Guests end up hitting the pool more often than they might have expected. Pack two bathing suits so you can rotate them and make sure you never have to wear a wet bathing suit.

friction block

Even if you’re not someone who’s ever used a friction pad, I suggest you take some for the holidays. The sweat associated with walking miles day after day means shoe chafing, chafing thighs and armpit rashes can happen to those who don’t expect it. The friction block is a theme park staple.

While sunscreen or over-the-counter medications are items you can grab at the gift shop at a glance, I’ve never found a chafing pad on Disney property or in grocery or grocery stores. nearby convenience stores.

Chafing can make the day miserable, so go ahead and secure a chafing pad from Target, Amazon, or a sports store before your vacation. If you don’t need it, that’s okay, but if you do, you’ll be so thankful you thought ahead!

body slip

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Take it from a Disney fanatic, you want to spend time and attention packing for your magical Disney World vacation. Start early, don’t forget your MagicBand or fanny pack, and use the wrap as a way to get excited for your upcoming vacation. Happy packing friends!

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