Things only adults notice in Sailor Moon crystal

Season 3 of “Sailor Moon Crystal” ends with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto swearing to raise baby Hotaru together. “Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie” finds them keeping that promise: they share a bucolic mansion surrounded by roses, bustling with gourmet dinners, violin lessons and rowdy games. It is all very pastoral, but an adult spectator cannot help but grumble. Six months ago, Haruka and Michiru were teenagers. Who sold them this house? None of the parents who send their kids to Michiru for music lessons ever ask why she’s not in school?

Once you focus on this absurd situation, the bizarre nature of Haruka and Michiru’s life becomes glaring. They were high school kids six months ago, sure, but they were high school kids taking helicopters to school from the comfort of their luxury apartments, which they apparently had to themselves. Oh, and we can’t forget the fact that Michiru is an internationally renowned musician, nor that Haruka is a famous F1 driver. Haruka alludes to the mysterious “Patrons” of Season 3, who allow them to live in such a lofty style. Whether she’s talking about Michiru fans, talent managers or something else is unclear.

Frankly, nothing in their life makes sense – but really, would you like it any other way? Half the fun of Haruka and Michiru (and, to a lesser extent, Setsuna) is how they serve up fabulous glamorous adult fantasies. Bring the helicopters!

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