THON 2022: the best hats of the competition (again!)

Eclectic outfits are the norm at THON, and it’s no different this weekend.

Our staff ventured into the Bryce Jordan Center to find some of the best headwear. Overall, we found no shortage of functional, silly or downright weird accessories.

These Minnie Mouse ears are classic. There’s no better way to show people that you’ve been to Disney World at least once in your life, and that’s what Andrew Guess decided to do. He’s already graduated from Penn State but came back for THON because his fiancé is a dancer this year. Hope you both come back to Disney in the future!

The rainbow bob, floral cruet, and lobster mask make an undefeated combo. Let’s hope senior Zach Launcher wants to go undefeated with the Spank Ultimate Frisbee team at Penn State. If it turns out like this, we guarantee a W.

This hat looks so retro and cool, kind of like Sesame Street mixed with a 90s rap video. Sophomore Teghan McIntyre wore this new Sigma Kappa hat in the lobby. It’s a nice Teghan hat – no Kappa.

Carley LaRosa is a Penn State freshman who did a great job matching her unicorn headband to whoever she THON with: the Penn State Equestrians! Just do your best not to bend over so you don’t lose someone’s eyes. But hey, fashion hurts.

It’s still not too late to show some love after Valentine’s Day, and Taylor Barry with Axis proved it with this headband. Even the passerby in the background couldn’t look away from this runway-ready headband.

Who said security can’t have fun? Sophomore Elliot Kelchner is working on his first THON this year and says he enjoyed every minute of it. This hat associated with the banana bag reminds us that whatever our projects, we are always free. ‘Merica.

I mean come on. When we saw this hat, we sprinted to report this guy. Harsh Pandey is a self-proclaimed seventh-year senior who was always supportive of THON during his time at Penn State. We just wish we had brought breakdancing cardboard to go with his hat.

You really can’t miss with this bandana and antennae combo. Junior Dipesh Patel proved that in his choice of headgear while representing Alpha Epsilon Delta. Bonus points for posing.

Jordan Mansberger is a senior at Penn State majoring in broadcast journalism. He’s from Cassville, Pennsylvania. He is a huge sports fan of Pittsburgh as well as his Denver Nuggets. When he’s not working, he can be found tricking Twitter into jamming with Padres and Antonio Brown fans or practicing his under-par golf game.

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