Tim McGraw puts his truck up for sale in ‘7500 OBO’


“7500 OBO” isn’t Tim McGraw’s first song to tell a love story lost through the lens of a car. Many vehicles come in and out of his discography: the convertible that brings him back to what could have been in “Red Ragtop”, the car that transports his love on an indifferent highway in “Highway Don’t Care”, the one that doesn’t is nothing but songs on the radio and an appreciation of what’s in “Shotgun Rider”.

McGraw’s latest single, however, takes listeners to the 2006 Ford F-150 that he just can’t bear to keep.

Why is the “For Sale” sign displayed in the window? On the R&B influenced track, McGraw sings, “It works fine, it will take you from A to B, but not from me / Because every time I turn this key, I see it.

Matt McGinn, Jennifer Schott and Nathan Spicer wrote “7500 OBO,” first released on McGraw’s 2020 album Here on Earth. The song feels personal to McGraw thanks to the songwriters checking the name of his own hit “Where the Green Grass Grows” in the song’s chorus. (The “Shotgun Rider” reference won’t be lost on McGraw fans either.)

While the song’s lyrics strike a balance between the nostalgia and heartbreak that permeates so many classic country songs, the production and overall sound clearly ties the single to the modern chapter of McGraw’s career. On “7500 OBO” McGraw mixes steel pedal and violin with R&B infused guitar licks and mid-tempo groove.

This time, nostalgia is not something to stay immersed in. McGraw ends the song with acceptance – albeit melancholy: “If I have to let her go / I have to let her go / Yeah, it has to go. “

Lyrics of “7500 OBO” by Tim McGraw:

I have a dark blue 2006 F-150 with shifter in good condition / I have 119,000 miles, only five on the new drivetrain / It has leather seats, a sunroof / It sits on 33s, it drives well / It goes from A to B, but not from me / Because every time I turn this key, I see it …


Shotgun going down a two-lane road / I’m just driving with nowhere to go / We sing “Where the Green Grass Grows” / The hand is out the window, fluttering in the breeze / She is staring at her lips in the scrolling mirror / That cute little thing made it hard to drive / I’ll never get it out of there / There are too many memories / Now there’s a “For Sale” sign in the window / Yeah, because if I’m ‘I’m gonna leave it go i have to let her go

The rear bumper has a dent from the fact that she tucked into a mailbox the first time she drove it / I couldn’t even be mad at her appearance Can’t forget / Kiss on the tailgate of the truck bed / I wish I didn’t have to get rid of it / But every time I turn that key I see it …

Repeat the chorus

There are leather seats, a sunroof / He sits on 33s, it drives great / It will take you from A to B, but not from me / Because every time I turn this key, I have it see…

Repeat the chorus

It’s $ 7,500 OBO / It’s $ 7,500 OBO …

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