To flee? Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann had extra-long HT chat thanks to strong bladder


Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann has been a tactical genius during his tenure with the Bavarians so far, but one has to question his level of commitment to the team.

In a shocking report from Bild, Nagelsmann admitted that he usually had to cut his talks short at half-time to attend a, hum, personal business.

The problem?

Nagelsmann usually uses half time to relive himself.

That’s right! Usually he has to take a leak.


Let’s listen to the man himself talk about his normal half-time routine.

“I showed five scenes (from the match), which is actually a lot. More than usual; usually it is between three and five. But they know me a little now: I speak relatively quickly. I probably spoke very quickly during the break, ”Nagelsmann said of his comments at halftime. “And the big difference compared to usual is that I didn’t have to pee during those 15 minutes. That’s why I was able to get the 35 seconds of clocking that I usually need faster.

I think it’s time we started questioning Nagelsmann’s commitment to the team if he can’t even tie a pair of To depend underwear to finish his speech at halftime!

Maybe Nagelsmann could follow Billy Madison’s lead and become a trailblazer for the Bavarians:

You don’t have to quit the game – or your half-time speech – to relieve yourself.

Kingsley Coman can’t check in due to gastrointestinal issues? Well, drop it man … uh, maybe not in that case. Maybe it’s enough to go back to the bathroom for this one, boy.

Anyway, if you have to pee … let it go for free (but not on the grass at the Allianz Arena … that would require a series of investigative posts on Grass Works and my suit Hazmat is at the cleaner).


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