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Spring styles provide a bridge between the sleep of winter and the electricity of summer. Katie Day takes a look at spring fashion trends fresh off the global catwalks.

Spring heralds new perspectives from winter hibernation. Just as the sun lingers longer in the evening to nurture new life, we are invited to come out of the cozy shells of our winter diapers. Spring fashion trends reflect this generative season’s awakening, offering runways, both online and in person, looks fresh, fresh and easygoing.

Spring is a time of transformation, just like the times we live in and designers are creatively addressing the need for versatility, comfort, ease and escape in their upcoming collections.

Sara Munro, of the Company of Strangers fashion house in Dunedin, says dressing for comfort is becoming increasingly important.

“For us this coming season, we’ve picked a selection of easy-to-wear and relaxed styles and we have a strong focus on neutrals to easily fit into your existing wardrobe. More and more, we dress for comfort, versatility, and creating that work / life balance, which in my opinion is reflected in the clothes we choose to wear.

The ease of loose clothing and monochromatic color palettes is a taste of the trends we’ll see emerge from the spring runways.

Let’s take a look at the runway-inspired trends that guide our spring selections.

Large pants

Wide pants are here to stay, offering the relaxation of a loose fit, paired with the elegance of elongated lines to accommodate the adaptive flow of our work at home, indoors and out. The wide-leg silhouette can be softened with a light tee or cropped knit sweater, or can be maximized with a relaxed boyfriend blazer. These pants provide an air of relaxed confidence with every step and with the generous sway of the fabric, any shoe choice is possible.


Solace for the spirit is found in the uniformity of a monochrome style, where outfits are formed from one color or from different shades or shades of the same color. The runway’s appeal for outfits made in crisp whites or bewitching blacks is remarkable, for when the color and print dissipate, the beauty of form, line and figure emerges. These neutral tones are often already found in our existing wardrobes and can be easily obtained from a thoughtful savings at an op-shop store. When styled together, the tone-on-tone pieces in your wardrobe blend seamlessly into monochromatic magic.


Pastel and sherbet tones add a soft touch of color to the blacks, whites and neutrals of the monochrome style. These rosy hues have presented themselves throughout the year and will linger in the summer haze for a long time, as they provide a soft, soothing presence to any outfit, a softness that is naturally desired in times of transformation. The refreshment and vitality of a new season is reflected by incorporating the colors of warmer weather products such as honeydew melon, these tones add ease and restorative comfort to any springtime style.

Long transparent dresses

The softness of the spring is reflected in the palette of colors and materials. Delicate, voluminous and sheer dresses crafted from silk georgettes, muslins and organzas floated from catwalks to boutiques and stores. The abundant fabric of these floor-length maxi dresses is surprisingly subtle due to their sheer nature, inviting ethereal lightness and play. The wearer is gifted with a gentle escape from the harshest edges of reality as they sink into these awake, versatile and effortless garments. For more ease and comfort, a simple cotton or silk slip can be worn under these transparent visions.

Puff sleeves

The celebration of light, space and air continues in the voluminous addition of puffed sleeves above the elbows found in shirts and dresses. The trend for romantic sleeves is another that continues through the seasons as it offers wearer comfort, with the rippling fabric cushioning external forces. For a refreshing spring outfit, this lightweight sleeve can be paired with wide leg pants and a strappy sandal, in coordinating pastel or monochrome tones, synthesizing an array of spring trends.

Boyfriend blazer

Ease has been infused into our office wear over the past year and design houses are taking this looser approach to work wear. The classic boyfriend blazer has found new life in the exaggerated length, fit and oversized pockets of the blazers on offer. A softer approach to the business finds its shape in the softer material and the tones chosen for the design of the boyfriend blazers. Wool crepes and suits give these blazers some drape and pep, and neutral or pastel tones temper their structured silhouettes. Relaxation is in style, a subtle print t-shirt can be layered under the blazer with airy wide pants or a draped skirt.


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