Tulle and its emergence as a staple material in the Denver fashion scene and beyond

In haute couture as for everyday fashionistas, tulle has become a must. Crafted from silk, cotton and even nylon, the net-like material is making a statement this season.

Photo of Fernando Gomes of Aversano Designs at Denver Fashion Week Spring 2022

From the runway to popular TV shows, tulle is a recurring trend that has been seen all over fashion. Often, consumers even make their own clothes out of tulle.

Tulle is used in the fashion industry for different reasons, one of the most important being texture and sometimes as a shock factor. Recently, tulle has been used by Denver-based designers and in outlets.

During the most recent Denver Fashion Week in April, tulle served as a pop of color. We’ve seen designers like Rachel Marie Hurst and Aversano designs construct their garments using tulle in a variety of colors. These two designers showed off outstanding designs that featured elaborate tulle silhouettes.

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Aversano Designs presented a collection during Denver Fashion Week using tulle to create a dramatic tone on the bottom of the garments. Most of the garments were seen with a slimmer top and elegant cascading tulle bottom. Although, tulle has sometimes been found throughout the garment.

Designate Cora Aversano used electric colors in clothing by layering different tones of tulle. In addition to bright colors, the designs also featured gold and brown tulle.

Rachel Marie Hurst tulle used in a different way. Some pieces had tulle in a less volumizing and more simplistic look.

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In the past, local designer, Alejandro Gaeta worked on projects creating beautiful dresses and tulle dresses. Gaeta has also recently designed several creations including tulle, adding a unique fashionable look.

Gaeta uses tulle for the structure of his pieces. The tulle used in her clothes gives volume to the outfit, creating an abstract and stunning look.

Outside of these Denver designers, tulle can be found in local brands like Joyfolie and Egotimid.

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Thrifting, a popular fashion trend of bringing old garments to life, often elevates tulle through the process of upcycling. An everyday consumer can find pieces of tulle while saving money and use them to add volume or to make outfits stand out. This is where creativity gives consumers the ability to create their own special garments.

Besides creating a look from scratch, there are also many tulle dresses seen in local thrift stores like BOW and goodwill.

There are many reasons why tulle may be making another appearance in the fashion industry today. Often the media exposes us to fashion through television, social media and more.

Bridgertona trending fictional Netflix show that many recently streamed religiously added features of tulle in the clothing seen throughout this series.

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Although tulle may seem to be making its first appearance in the fashion world, it is a trend that emerged centuries ago.

We have seen fashionable tulle begin as early as the Victorian era. This period ultimately influenced the presence of tulle in the fashion world. During this time, tulle was used in the undergarments of dresses to add volume. It was also sometimes seen on the sleeves of clothing. Over time, tulle has evolved; it is now found in the outer parts of clothing and used not only for its volume but for its intriguing look.

As the fashion scene continues to evolve, tulle will follow right behind. More and more designers and TV shows will continue to follow these fashion trends, bringing tulle with them.

Keep learning about recent tulle trends in the Denver fashion scene in particular and the designers behind the designs.

To visit Rachel Marie Hurst in its storefront located at 4340 E Kentucky Ave, Glendale. the Aversano site, Aversano designsis home to all of her latest designs and more about her amazing creations. Discover the collection and the latest projects of Alejandro Gaeta on his website.

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