USID allows grace period for standardized dress code

United Independent School District will give parents a six-week grace period to send students to school in standardized uniforms due to high demand for uniforms and items not stocked in stores.

After September 19, all students must fully adhere to the standardized dress code.

“It has come to the attention of the district that parents and students are having difficulty obtaining clothing that meets our Standard Student Dress Code due to supply shortages,” UISD said in a statement. . “To compensate for this, we are implementing a grace period.”

Standardized uniforms will be imposed on students in UISD schools for primary and middle school students, where only certain clothes will be allowed to be worn by students.

elementary and middle school approved colors are solid white, black, or navy blue in styles such as long or short sleeve blouses, shirts, or collared dresses (polo style or button style).

Turtlenecks will also be permitted.

In the bottoms, the colors should be plain khaki, navy blue or black.

Approved styles are slacks, slacks, shorts, skirts, jeggings, joggers, skorts, capris, skinny, cargo, joiner, corduroy, sweatpants, and sweaters.

Tights are permitted under clothing that meets standard clothing specifications. Tights should only be plain navy blue, black or white.

Elementary and middle school students are allowed to wear jeans/jeans on Fridays.

However, due to non-stocked items and high demand for uniforms, UISD will provide a 6-week grace period for parents to purchase needed items.

Currently, three approved vendors offer uniform items for UISD students:

• Bazzar International, LLC

Contact: Mehran Esfandi

502 Flores Ave.


• LF Enterprise

Contact: Lucy Quintanilla

800 E. Mann Road, Suite 201


• Laredo Sports Center

Contact person: Jessica Lynn Garcia

4500 San Bernardo Ste. 107


All other student dress code guidelines will be enforced during this time.

Depending on the district, these guidelines include:

• The District prohibits obscene, offensive, vulgar or obscene images, emblems or writing on clothing, advertising or depicting tobacco products, politics, weapons/ammunition, alcoholic beverages, drugs or any other prohibited substance by the FNCF.

• Indecent/inappropriate patches, writing or designs on clothing, handbags, bags, backpacks, personal effects or on the body are prohibited. Clothing and accessories with inappropriate advertisements or obscene, offensive, vulgar, lewd or defamatory statements (e.g. alcoholic beverages, sex, tobacco, politics, drugs, gangs, weapons/ammunition, etc.) are also prohibited.

• No headgear (i.e. hats, caps, skullcaps, scarves, bandanas) of any kind should be worn or brought to school unless approved by the school principal. school for a special occasion, program, or unless there is medical or religious justification.

• No torn or torn clothing of any kind is allowed.

• No sunglasses should be worn in the building.

• Seat belts are recommended but not required.

• Jewelry/body piercing accessories are prohibited. Ear piercing is acceptable. Mouth guards are not permitted.

• Students must cover private parts of the body by wearing appropriate underwear. Underwear should not be visible.

• All exposed/visible tattoos must be covered at all times.

• Dangling chains prohibited. This includes chains attached to wallets, purses, shoes, and backpacks.

• The district prohibits gang-related attire, or attire that is determined by the school principal or designate to be gang-related or, with reasonable probability, would be considered gang-related.

For more information on dress code guidelines, visit

[email protected]

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