Valentine’s Day or Galentine? How to have a perfect night

Whether you're celebrating with that special someone or your BFFs, here's our guide to having the best Valentine's Day at home.


Whether you’re celebrating with that special someone or your BFFs, here’s our guide to having the best Valentine’s Day at home.

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Look, the weather and the state of the world mean going out on a Monday night is, quite frankly, firmly in the basket too hard.

Home is comfortable, home is safe – and home is also where you can dial in the absolute maximum romance – or have an epic night with your bestie. Here is our guide to the best possible home V-Day!

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me by Bendon You Glow Garter Belt

It’s kinda hilarious that you add MORE material to make your underwear sexier but hey, why not. As I mentioned earlier in our Guide to going out for Valentine’s Day, just having a matching set (or even just the same color bra and undies) is a massive feat. Step up your flirtation (and your confidence level!) with Bendon’s sexy ensemble – and don’t forget the garter belt for something a little whimsical.

Garter belt $69.95, underwear from $39.95, bra $74.95

By Natalie Sleepwalker Dress

Comfortable AND stylish? We thought that was just a myth, but here’s a perfect option for you if you’re staying and want to feel strong, stylish and classy. Natalie’s Kiwi brand is paving the way for beautiful yet practical pieces for your loungewear – and this one goes on my personal wish list!

Sleepwalker dress, $279


Cast iron fondue set

Forget the adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – the way to a woman’s is through cheese. Treat yourself and whoever you are to some carbs and cheese, then substitute chocolate and strawberries for dessert. And don’t worry if you don’t skip all the chocolate sauce… we’re sure there are other uses too!

Capital Kitchen Fondue Set, $119.99

Villa Maria Pinot Noir

Romantic nights need good wine – look no further than Villa Maria’s magnificent single-vineyard Pinot Noir. Don’t let the fact that it’s hotter than Hades (the HUMIDITY AM I RIGHT) put you off red wine – put it in the fridge for about half an hour to cool slightly – the optimal serving temperature of this delicious Marlborough drop is 15 degrees.

Villa Maria Pinot Noir from Southern Clays, $59.99

Mustache cookie

The cookies are great. Jumbo cookies are even better. It’s a perfect accompaniment for any occasion, especially if you’re curled up on the couch enjoying each other’s company!

Mustache Giant Cookie, $29.99

Lots of lush love

This box is just full of love and with seven bath and body treats it will keep on giving. It’s an amazing gift to sweep anyone off their feet (and into the bath!). This pack from Lush contains Temptation Shower Gel, New Rose Soap, Ro’s Argan Conditioner, Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb and Support Bubble Bubble Bar .

Lots of lush love, $87.50

Moët & Chandon With Love

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, with Moët’s incredible Glamor Package including a bottle of Rosé Impérial, a personalized message from ‘With love’ in golden calligraphy on the bottle, the pretty keepsake box, a bouquet of pink and white flowers overflowing from the box – and it’s hand-delivered! What more do you need for your epic evening?

Moët & Chandon With Love, $275

Madison Saffron Ecoya Limited Edition Candle

Don’t just rely on scents like rose and vanilla for romantic occasions – Ecoya’s new limited-edition range takes simple scents to a whole new level. With accords of patchouli and iris, plus hints of jasmine and leathery saffron, this scent is intimate and feminine – perfect for a sexy night at home.

Ecoya Limited Edition Saffron Madison Candle, $54.95

Treat yourself

We’re not really strangers

We’re Not Really Strangers is a purpose-driven card game and movement aimed at strengthening meaningful connections. Three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards allow you to deepen your existing relationships and create new ones. Level 1 (Perception) explores how others see us on the surface and allows us to question our assumptions about each other. Level 2 (Connection) digs deeper and asks seldom asked questions. And finally level 3 (Reflection) invites us to reflect on what we have learned about each other and ourselves. Be ready for ALL the sensations.

You can also get friendship editions, as well as romance decks, race and privilege expansion packs, family edition and more.

We’re Not Really Strangers from $37.50

make it sexy

RO Oscillating Rabbit

Wonderfully feminine, the VERY cute Flutter Rabbit has been perfectly designed to deliver intense pleasure directly to your internal and external passion points. It’s a long, unintimidating length, and precisely positioned powerful independent dual motors will expertly help you achieve a deep, full orgasm. Soft, velor silicone ears will sparkle, tease and seduce!

Floating Rabbit RO, $100.95

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