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The old adage “dress or undress” is usually reserved for women’s wardrobes, but there’s no reason men can’t apply the same principle to what they wear. Toga Archives x H&M blazer, $ 199. Part of H&M’s new capsule wardrobe with the independent Tokyo-based label beloved for its experimental take on classics. Available from this Thursday. Hooligan snap cap, $ 59.95. A classic style of headwear that oscillates between casual and dressy, depending on the fabric. Signature Woven Stripe Shirt, $ 180. A striped shirt should be a part of every man’s wardrobe, given their ability to go from day to night effortlessly. Olbu backpack, $ 275. The union of denim and leather gives this bag a relaxed look, with a sophisticated edge. Angus Shawl Cardigan, $ 199. Don’t be fooled by what your kids might tell you, cardigans are cool! Wear it with jeans or pants, depending on the occasion. Evolution Short Sleeve Polo, $ 89. Chic enough to be worn with pants, but thanks to the length of the sleeves, remains quite casual. adidas Originals Sunglasses, $ 275. A classic square shape, reinterpreted with a modern design. Vigor Lava Bracelet, $ 495. This special piece of jewelry features lava pearls, a gold-plated sterling silver rondelle and an Australian South Sea pearl. Wear it with anything and everything. Cooper Cords, $ 179.99. The ultimate comfortable yet dressy men’s pants that can be worn at work and on weekends. Coastal Stripe Terry Sneakers, $ 139.95. No doubt about it, we live in different times. Yes, you can wear running shoes with your wetsuit as long as they give the style a boost. Texturizing Cream, $ 14. Your hairstyle can also be changed to suit your ensemble. Look for a product that allows you to create many styles without leaving a residue.



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