VS sheer leather corsets, which celebrity-approved style will you choose

Celebrity looks have been swept up in the corset conquest influence that followed a showdown for leather corsets against sheer corsets, here are the celebrity looks embracing the trend for some quick inspiration!

Corsets are back and here to stay! From Hollywood to Bollywood, we bet you’ll find a corset look in every celebrity’s lookbook. With the growing obsession surrounding regency era fashion, these boned undergarments have carved out a place for themselves in the fashion game. It’s more than sleek streetwear and chic red carpet looks, the designer collections showcased at NYFW 2022 had more than enough proof that they’re still part of mainstream fashion and will help you slay in the process of road! With ‘what do?’, ‘what not to do?’ questions that plague our minds. It’s become apparent that leather and sheer corsets are both celebrity and fashion favorites, so the question remains… Is it fine leather or sultry veils for victory? Let’s settle this battle leather against transparent corsets

The friend of fake fashion, leather corsets

Leather cosets are effortlessly chic and make perfect additions to a hip streetwear wardrobe. Looking at Megan Thee Stallion and Megan Fox, it’s obvious that monochromatic leather looks are gorgeous and eye-catching. They create perfect illusions in terms of elongating your frame, are easy to style, and can’t go wrong. Designer brands like Alexander McQueen and Dion Lee have included leather corsets and bustiers in their collections for the Fall/Winter 2022 season. People may speculate that leather corsets would have taken a back seat, but it seems obvious that ‘they should not be forgotten or left behind.

The BFF in lace, transparent corsets

Some would argue that sheer lace corsets take the cake as they have been more favored by celebrities over the years. Popular personalities around the world seem to be leaning towards sheer corsets lately and after NYFW’s recent conclusion, it’s safe to say that leather corsets were less of a feature as models walked the runway wearing designer brand creations. creators like Carolina Herrera among many others. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox and singer Normani have all jumped on board the sheer corset with their own unique look. Sweeping the internet with inspiration for a brilliant style quotient. In fact, Dakota Johnson completely conquered the corset trend in 2021 when she wore a sheer lace corset covered in the Gucci logo paired with leather pants at the New York premiere of her movie The Lost Daughter in 2020. September of that year. These versatile pieces have become an easy way to add subtle sensual energy to an outfit while maintaining street cred.

With the growing wave and dominance of this trend, local independent brands like Lea Clothing Co., Baesic, Merche and The Dapper Lady couldn’t leave their customers hanging. All of these brands offer a wide variety of styles of corsets and bustiers that you could add to your wardrobes. If your quest to find the corset of your choice has been futile so far, these three brands are sure to have you covered! As for the final verdict, it still remains quite ambiguous, both sides of the trend have garnered equal praise and attention and therefore the last word is up to what your heart desires.

Hero Image: Courtesy of Megan Thee Stallion Instagram. Featured image: Courtesy of Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber Instagram.

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