We won’t see Salman Khan getting angry in “Bigg Boss 16”? Someone else will take over in place of Bhaijaan

Everyone is looking forward to the most controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 16”. Every year, fans keep their eyes peeled for it. There is a lot of excitement in their minds to find out who will be in the show this time and what class Salman Khan will take. This time too, same feeling. But when you hear shocking news related to this show, the ground slips from under your feet.

Salman Khan has hosted “Bigg Boss” for 10 years. Everyone loves his attitude towards competitors. Sometimes they become exasperated with their antics and sometimes they burst out laughing. But this time, we will not see him in Bigg Boss 16. It is said that he will not be hosting this season. Let us also answer your why.

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Salman Khan’s fees have become problems
You must remember that there was a news in the past that Salman Khan was asking for a huge sum to host this season. It asks for 1000 crores in fees which is a huge sum for the makers. Because last season he charged 350 crores. And now he’s asking for two and a half times as much.

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If not Salman Khan, then who?
According to the ‘Tele Chakkar’ portal, Rohit Shetty may host ‘Bigg Boss 16’ instead of Salman Khan. Because Salman Khan is asking for more fees. And manufacturers fail to give it away. In such a situation, the host of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’ will now take command of Bigg Boss. However, it will definitely be a bit awkward for the fans as they didn’t like any other host. Even though Farah Khan came in the middle, her method was not liked by people at all. For the moment, this is only said as an affirmation.

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Salman Khan did a promotional shoot
During the last weeks of July, it was reported that Salman Khan would shoot the promo for “Bigg Boss 16”. Then in early August, a glimpse inside his house was also revealed and it was said that this promo was during filming. It’s unclear when the promo will be released but if he’s in the promo then obviously Salman Khan will be hosting him. But if there is any change later, the channel will shoot and release another promo with Rohit Shetty.

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