What are the rewards for PVP in Lost Ark?

The Proving Grounds of Luterra Castle offer the most mechanically savvy Lost Ark players the means to compete for limited edition rewards.

As you climb the ranked ranks, players will earn increasingly impressive loot. Incentivizing players to improve, exclusive leaderboards within the top 30 players on each server receive their own unique gear tiers, ranging from rank-specific cosmetics and auras to massive amounts of in-game crystals for gaming elite.

How to qualify for rewards

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When a player’s character initially reaches the Proving Grounds, the queue option for competitive matches is locked by default.

Players must first advance their characters to level 20 before attempting to play competitively. Additionally, to familiarize themselves with the competitive format of Proving Grounds, potential competitors are first tasked with playing a handful of unranked “regular” matches, working their starting level from 20 down to one before competitive matchmaking begins. is available to them. .

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How to Rank in Competitive Matchmaking

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Once players reach the first tier in normal matchmaking, the vertical progression tier system is abandoned for that of a more Elo-based ranking format: the winner of a competitive match receives points, while the loser sacrifices some points of his own.

Rank ascension depends entirely on a given player’s performance in competitive matches, where their rank will increase as their point total exceeds certain thresholds.

  • Silver: 1500 or more
  • Gold: 1700 or more
  • Platinum: 1900 or more
  • Diamond: 2100 or more

The two ranks that exist above Diamond – Master and Grand Master – are not reserved for players within a certain point range, but rather the top 100 and 30 players on each server, respectively.

These top players represent the 100 highest point totals on a given server, with the technically 101-rated player not advancing until they surpass the 100-rated player’s achievements.

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Ranking Rewards

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Below 1500 points, at Bronze rank, players will not receive any rewards for their competitive play.

Players see at least some return on investment if they maintain a Silver rank, receiving nothing more than a unique PvP-specific pants cosmetic.

Gold and Platinum ranks further drape the player in their earnings, awarding cosmetics for the chest plate and headgear. Players subsequently stuck in Diamond get at least one competitive title for their efforts, in addition to their fancy new outfit.

The top 100 Master and Grand Master winners earn the coolest rewards of all: in addition to the title and cosmetic set from previous ranks, these players earn a rank-specific aura, as well as 3,000 and 10,000 crystals respectively blues for their efforts.

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