What are you wearing to Santa Con?


It’s that time of year again – a swarm of red and white is coming to town.

Santa Con is back, in full swing, as thousands of attendees dress up as bearded gift carriers as they drive through New York City.


People dressed as Santa Claus lined up during Santa ConCredit: Reuters

What are you wearing to Santa Con?

To attend Santa Con, there is one rule: you must be dressed with the best representation of the holiday cheer.

Santa is the number one costume worn at Santa Con.

However, you can also see people dressed up as Christmas trees, reindeer, elves, etc.

As long as you stick to the holiday spirit guidelines, you’re good to go.

Costumes can be creative and include accessories like hats, beards, stalks, boots, ugly Christmas sweaters, and more.

You might want to go the traditional route wearing Santa’s iconic red jumpsuit and accessories, or spice it up a bit with a red blazer and pants for men and a red Santa Claus dress for women.

Websites like PartyCity and Tipsyelves have Santa costumes for all genders, ages, and sizes.

What is Santa Con and when did it start?

Santa Con is an annual pub crawl through various states in America around the holiday season in December.

Thousands of people gather in cities, like New York, to show their zest for life by dressing up as the iconic Santa Claus.

They often walk in the streets and jump in bars.

Modern SantaCon dates back to a 1974 protest in Copenhagen by a group called Solvognen.

They staged a four-day protest in which they took to the streets posing as Santa Claus on strike against a holiday based on “religious hypocrisy”.

Today, however, Santa Con in New York is probably one of the most well-known conventions.

This year, it will take place on Saturday December 11.

According to SantaCon.info, “for the purposes of SantaCon, ‘Christmas’ is the name of a popular secular holiday and has no religious connotation (much like the word ‘holiday’).”

“It doesn’t mean we don’t respect religious views. It just means participating in SantaCon doesn’t imply that you support any particular religion or doctrine. It’s just fun.”

People dressed in Santa Claus costumes attend SantaCon on December 11, 2021 in New York City


People dressed in Santa Claus costumes attend SantaCon on December 11, 2021 in New York CityCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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