What Inspired Designer Tyler to Ditch Perfume and Nail Polish – Interview


Seduce: What about the smell of the French waltz that captures your essence?

TC: It’s super clean, floral and a bit spicy. I love scents. I have 53 upstairs. I love the sunlight [especially] pastel sunlight – bright, June energy type. The smell represents that. It smells like cliff jumping. It smacks of mid-July when you don’t have responsibilities for the day.

The luxury is that I can sleep and wake up when I’m done sleeping. Being able to take my bike where I want to go is a real luxury. It’s not the diamonds or the cars I drive. Don’t get me wrong this shit is awesome, but luxury is really what you think it is. This is what makes you happy.

Seduce: What inspires your quirky beauty and fashion aesthetic?

TC: I travel a lot. If I’m in South Korea I’ll see a grandmother in a sick shirt with sick pants or in the correct proportions. Then I’ll go to Denmark and see a seven year old kid whose mom probably dressed him up, but like, man, his pants are okay in a way and I’m like “oh, this is so crazy.” It is not a question of age. It’s not about sex. It is not a religious thing. Everyone has something that I personally like.

Seduce: What made you choose these three nail polish colors for your brand (Geneva Blue, Georgia Peach and Glitter)?

TC: I always wear sequins. I’ve been wearing it for years, and the thing about [my take on it] is that you don’t notice it until you look at someone’s nail. It’s not loud, it’s subtle. It’s there, but when the light hits it and you see it, that bitch is like, whoa!

I am obsessed with this bruise. I think I became obsessed with this blue towards the end of 2017, and I started putting it on everything – cars, fucking everything! Then this Georgia Peach. There is something about orange when it’s slightly muted to almost pastel. It pairs so well with some blues, browns and greens, plus it looks so good on dark skin.

Seduce: Did you wear nail polish and perfume every day?


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