What we can learn from Bastion’s new look


Monitoring 2 does a lot of interesting things. In PvP, a controversial 5v5 shift is underway, with the decision requiring major overhauls of several heroes. For PvE, an incredibly deep co-op campaign is added, with hundreds of side missions and in-depth skill trees available for each roster member. New cards and new heroes will arrive Monitoring 2 as well, with a brand new game mode called Push also in the works.

While Monitoring fans expect bigger drops of information, Blizzard has revealed hero revamps every now and then. The sequel brings new looks to every hero, with a few Monitoring 2 the redesigns being major and the others being simple. However, all of them make smart upgrades, whether Widowmaker gets more protective gear or Mei dons an outfit that makes sense outside of wintry environments. The latest revamp focuses on Bastion, fans who watch it closely can make an interesting connection with another well-known hero.

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What makes Bastion’s Overwatch 2 different


Bastion follows the path of heroes like Tracer and Winston in the sense that very little changes in his appearance. While someone like Baptiste looks extremely different in the new game, Bastion only gets a color swap and a few small tweaks to his appearance. In the sequel, Bastion will be predominantly light green, with his chest and head being the only two parts of his body that remain white. Aside from this new paint job, her weapon is a bit different, as it has a completely different barrel and optics than the original. It is also green, matching its new color scheme.

The two biggest changes in Bastion’s design can be seen on its top half, and fans of MonitoringThe tradition of should appreciate both additions. On her left shoulder there is a special cushion that differs from the one on her right. This pillow is green in color and has black feathers painted on it, which is a clear indication that this is a comfortable perch for Ganymede. Considering how important Bastion’s mate is to him, it’s nice to see Blizzard include a nod to their relationship. However, the other touch is much more interesting, as it could have serious implications. Atop Bastion’s head, a hat with Torbjorn’s insignia can be spotted.

What Bastion’s affiliation with Torbjorn might mean

Funny Overwatch torbjorn turret intro

Bastion wears the same hat as Torbjorn in the Uprising mission of Monitoring‘s Archives, suggesting that the two have linked between the two games. For starters, this new friendship could play a big part in the story. Reinhardt’s hatred for Omnics, especially those like Bastion, will surely lead to conflict when the two meet. Part of that reunion was apparently shown in footage from Monitoring 2The PvE campaign, which means fans will see it unfold every time the game finally launches. Torbjorn being a close friend of Reinhardt, he could push the towering knight back, stopping a fight with Bastion before it even begins.

Apart from the fact that Torbjorn vouches for Bastion, the partnership suggested by this hat could perfectly explain the main Monitoring 2 rework. With the hero being too specialized and rarely used by experienced players, Blizzard has confirmed that some changes will be made to give it a more mobile moveset. While the developer can make these changes without a story explanation, the idea that Torbjorn is behind them seems too good to ignore. If the two really become friends, Torbjorn’s knack for crafting his own turrets could allow him to easily upgrade Bastion.

The last thing to note about the Torbjorn Hat is that it opens the door to new Bastion skins in Monitoring 2. Blizzard always aims to maintain the same character silhouettes with its alternate skins, meaning players will rarely see items added to an outfit that make it difficult to read the hero being fought. With a hat now part of Bastion’s regular appearance, it’s safe to assume that his alternate skins will feature some sort of headgear as well. While this overhaul is subtle, it provides major clues to the story while also giving players an idea of ​​how cosmetics might change for Bastion.

Monitoring 2 is in development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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