Who is Donald Mobelini? Hazard KY mayor and high school principal under fire after viral video sparked backlash


Hazard High School is under investigation after several obscene images of students misbehaving in front of teachers appeared online. A handful of disturbing images have been posted on the school’s official Facebook page, which has now caught the attention of the Kentucky Department of Education.

Hazard High School posted pictures of its end of year celebrations on the Facebook page of the athletics department. The photos were also subsequently removed.

Among the many inappropriate activities, a few of the events included a ‘Man pageant’ and ‘Costume Day’, in which students and staff participated.

The events took place in the school gymnasium. The footage showed boys dressed in their underwear, as well as women’s underwear. Students have been seen committing obscene acts against male teachers.

Several faculty members were seen participating in these events. Hazard High School principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini, who happens to be the mayor of Perry County City, was also seen participating in the inappropriate event.

Mobelini under fire after authorizing inappropriate behavior at Hazard’s Homecoming event

Of the many baffling images posted online, the most mind-boggling images showed students inappropriately dancing in front of Principal Donald Mobelini

Principal - Mayor Donald Mobelini attends the event (Image via City of Hazard)
Principal – Mayor Donald Mobelini attends the event (Image via City of Hazard)

The principal of Hazard High School was seen participating in the event that happened before him.

Strange news of the day: High school students in Hazard Kentucky allegedly gave teachers lap dances while dressed in lingerie … at a meeting back home. It should be noted that lap dances were just “living” fun and not like real lap dances. https://t.co/8YtQOHb6dO

It looks like a 2 for 1 shot. 1 man is the mayor of Hazard, Ky. And the principal of Hazard Highschool. He presided over a homecoming event where male college students dressed in drag and were filmed dancing to staff including the principal / mayor. It’s sick!

Hazard Independent Schools board member Aster Sizemore said in an interview that the principal should not have allowed such events to happen. Sizemore told the Courier-Journal:

“Normally the principal, Happy Mobelini, is pretty strict, so it surprises me unless someone pulls something out of a hat. A kid comes to school in a short dress, you know, he does them. go home and change. “

Mobelini also found himself involved in another lawsuit. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the principal was charged with improper chaperoning while on a school trip. The student alleged that she was beaten by another student during the said trip.

Two other teachers from Hazard High School are also involved in the same lawsuit. The above case also includes charges concerning several students who consumed alcohol during a trip in 2017. The jury trial is scheduled for August 2022, according to court records.

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