Why is it [SPOILER] Wearing your first DCEU costume in Peacemaker?

The Peacemaker Season 1 finale features some surprising cameos from key DCEU characters, but its appearance raises some serious questions.

Warning: Contains major SPOILERS for Peacemaker

The Justice League has a surprise appearance in the Season 1 finale of Peacemaker, and Superman wears his original blue suit instead of his new black suit. Superman’s iconic blue and red costume made its DCEU debut, along with Superman himself in 2013 Steel manbut Clark Kent donned a new outfit in Zack Snyder’s Justice League after his resurrection. Although Superman continues to use the black costume after Steppenwolf’s defeat, his return to the classic costume in Peacemaker indicates the TV show’s place in the DCEU timeline and Superman’s character progression as Zack Snyder plans.


As the prototypical and ultimate superhero, Superman’s blue bodysuit and red cape make him instantly recognizable. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, debuting in 1938. Superman’s costume, like that of most Golden Age superheroes, was based on that of a circus strongman , which was fitting at the time, as circus performers were seen as the prime examples of strength and athleticism.

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Superman appears alongside the majority of his Justice League teammates in Peacemaker, though the Man of Steel is played by an unknown actor and his face is obscured by shadow. Although almost a silhouette, Superman’s red cape and blue costume are visible in the episode, indicating that he is no longer wearing his black outfit. At first glance, this may seem slightly surprising. However, given both the specific purpose of the black suit and Zack Snyder’s plans for Superman to don the blue suit again, Superman’s seemingly dated appearance in Peacemaker actually makes sense.

In the DCEU, Superman’s blue suit is technically a Kryptonian undergarment, meant to be worn under armor and space exploration gear. As with other Kryptonian costumes, it features a logo on its chest, indicating its affiliation. General Dru-Zod’s suit and armor had the House of Zod emblem on his chest, while Superman (Kal-El) had the House of El emblem on his. The House of El is represented by an S-shaped glyph that symbolizes hope and selflessness. As a Kryptonian garment, Superman’s costume is as durable as he is, easily surviving bullets and explosions without taking damage.

The costume was damaged when Doomsday stabbed Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but was repaired or replaced in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (a Kryptonian scout ship in the DCEU) by the events of Justice League, as an identical outfit is shown in the film. Like his comic counterpart, the recently resurrected Superman dons a black version of his suit in Justice League, which absorbs more solar radiation and helps it regain its full strength. Superman still wears the black regenerative suit at the end of the film, but his return to the classic blue suit coincides with his intended Zack Snyder character trajectory.

Although the DCEU solo films planned by Zack Snyder and Justice League installments seem unlikely to make it to the big screen, he intended for Superman to eventually don the blue suit again, indicating that he had reached the end of a multi-film story arc. With Superman wearing the blue suit once more in Shazam! and Peacemaker and a potential continuity reboot in the next the flash, Superman might have ended his off-screen journey in a sense, allowing him to use his classic outfit in what could be some of his final appearances. Henry Cavill’s future as the DCEU’s Superman is, sadly, uncertain at this time, so having Kal-El wear his first costume in Peacemaker indicates that he has achieved a degree of character development since at least his last appearance.

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