Why the evil eye is becoming a trending symbol for the times we live in


India has its own powerful evil eye history, or what North India commonly calls “nazar.” Avoiding Nazar is the goal of many religious and prayer ceremonies, and the reason many talismans are worn by men and women from all socio-economic backgrounds. It’s also the talisman you see all over fashion accessories these days, popularized to the point that the mega retail platform Nykaa Fashion even has a nasty eye. Here a whole range of anti-Nazar amulets appear, many in the traditional Hamsa form. Luxury fashion house, Outhouse, also offers an impressive range of Evil Eye jewelry, while Janavi’s Talisman collection includes a number of incredible Evil Eye cashmere shawls – yards of lush fabric on which dozens of Meticulously hand-embroidered eyes appear, inviting desire while denying urge. Bollywood celebrities like Katrina Kaif have worn the evil eye on a t-shirt, while athletes like Sania Mirza wear it in its more popular necklace form.

Olivia Dar’s super fun jewelry is synonymous with pearl eye accessories for many. Produced in a range of sizes and colors, Dar has experimented with everything from the classic Turkish evil eye to more resort-inspired eyes like her Havana Eye earrings, which could say, avoid evil on a beach vacation. worthy of envy. Her inspiration for centering her design narrative on the eyes began long before the pandemic. “It started after a trip to Greece, where I saw eyes everywhere. You can’t miss them. I started to think about the multiple ways I could make them – with different colors and designs. Then I started to research and found out about the multiple cultures that use the evil eye. I love the powerful symbol. It makes me a little superstitious! she says.

Olivia Dar Havana Eye Earrings

The reasons why Dar is attracted to the eyes probably underlie her great popularity. The amulet encompasses global relevance, versatile design, protection, beauty, and a slight hint of the supernatural. In a pandemic-induced world, where the desire for beauty and the need for protection are non-existent, it makes sense that consumers never tire of the evil eye. And to add to its appeal, is the cultural anecdote that excuses its breakup or its misguidance – if that happens, it is suggested that the “eye” has absorbed the negativity, an assurance of its protection.

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