Woman says her brother’s girlfriend was among those who stole $10,000 from her Chattanooga motel

A woman has told police she was robbed of $10,000 by her brother’s girlfriend from a Chattanooga motel.

Cadedria A. Kirkwood, 26, has been charged with aggravated robbery at the Baymont, 7017 Shallowford Road.

Police were called to a room at the Baymont at 2:20 a.m. on Sunday August 18. A woman told police she heard a knock on her door and when she opened it, three black men, dressed in black clothing including ski masks, entered the room armed with guns. fist and asked, “Where’s the shit?” The woman said she asked them, “What shit?”

She said the men then began searching the room for what the woman had told police was $10,000. She told the police the money was on the bed, so she got on the bed and started yelling at the men. She said one of the men also climbed onto the bed and noticed a purse of money, which he then grabbed.

The woman said she grabbed the clutch from the man, but another gun whipped her and took the clutch from her.

The men then fled the room with the money, while being chased by the woman and another woman. She said the men got into a silver Jeep, but then corrected that to a silver SUV.

Police reviewed video footage from the hotel and at 1:14 a.m. saw several people, carrying their entire backs, walking towards the door of the woman’s hotel room. Police said the three appeared to be a black woman and two black men. The woman appeared to be about 5ft 6in tall with an all-black mask and clothing; a man appeared to be in his twenties, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, wearing a black mask, black clothing, and armed with a handgun; the other man appeared to be in his twenties, about six feet tall, wearing a black mask, black top and jeans, and armed with a handgun.

The video shows the woman knocking on the door, and when the door is opened, the men force their way into the room. About a minute later, the three ran out the door and headed for the Staybridge hotel. This is where the victim told police she saw them getting into a silver Jeep (later determined to be an SUV). Victim said she thought it might be a Nissan Rouge, possibly a 2014 style.

Police checked video from the hotel around 12:30 p.m. to see if there was any suspicious activity recorded. At 12:59 a.m., police observed a Chevy Equinox, approximate 2014 style, drive into the parking lot and exit at approximately 1:07 a.m. Police checked other cameras to track this vehicle. The vehicle ended up backing into a spot at the back of the parking lot. Police observed two black women get out of the car, as well as a person with a balaclava over their head. The driver of the vehicle appeared to be a black woman wearing a short-sleeved black shirt. The two women who got out of the vehicle were seen walking on the ground floor of the hotel. They passed the victim’s room and continued towards the front of the hotel. They then went to the stairwell and walked to the upper deck to return to the Equinox Chevy. The women got into the vehicle and then got out. The women are seen talking on their mobile phones as they walked around the hotel.

The police showed the video to the victim and asked her if she knew any of the people. She identified a woman as Mrs. Kirkwood and said she was her brother’s girlfriend. She told police she was at the hotel earlier that night to get money to put on her brother’s jail books. She said she gave him $100. She said the other person was Mrs. Kirkwood’s sister, “Pumpkin”. She didn’t know his real name.

Police noted that the vehicle the people were in appeared to have five people in it. The victim said the silver Chevy Equinox (2013-2016) in the video resembled the vehicle people rushed to after the theft. She told the police that she had recently collected her tax refund, which is why she had the $10,000.

Police located Ms Kirkwood on August 24 and questioned her about the night of the robbery. She told police that evening that she was at the Baymont Hotel around 9 p.m. to get money to put a friend’s jail books. She said she went alone, went home and deposited the money in her account. She said she then went home and waited for her friend “Janay” to pick her up. She says she doesn’t know her friend’s last name. She said she was picked up in a Chrysler 300, but it wasn’t working properly, so they called an Uber to take them to meet a friend of “Janay’s.” She said they drove to the Baymont in a silver SUV and got out to try and find the friend “Janay” was going to meet. She said he texted them and told them he wasn’t there, so they got in the silver SUV and drove off. She said she was at the Baymont both times.

She told police she then went to the BP which was near the area to meet “Janay’s” friend and then returned home. Police showed her a picture of “Janay” on Facebook and she told police that was the friend, and the one who appears in a still from the Baymont footage video.

Police again reviewed footage from the Baymont and it showed when Ms Kirkwood and ‘Janay’ returned to the vehicle at around 1.05am, the person in the back seat exiting the vehicle appeared to be wearing the same jacket. and headgear police observed the man entering the victim’s hotel room and committing the robbery. Police have also checked Ms Kirkwood’s alibi and do not believe she went to the BP as she claimed. Police checked cameras in the area and other cameras in the hotel, and believe she lied about it.

After investigating all of the video footage, police determined they had enough evidence to charge Ms. Kirkwood and “Janay” with aggravated robbery or facilitating aggravated robbery.

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